Article Writing Tips – Writing on Current Events

Article writing is such a wide open field. you can write on just about anything from sports to music to zebras if you like. One of the most fascinating areas to write about is current events. But writing about current events has its pitfalls. in this article, I’m going to go over the pros and cons of writing about stuff in the news. you may or may not want to tackle these after reading this little piece.

As you probably know by now, Michael Jackson just passed away, as of this writing anyway. Now, I could have decided to write a whole bunch of articles on Michael Jackson especially since I grew up listening to him and the Jackson 5. But I have decided against it. I’m going to explain why when I go over the good and bad or current event writing.

Let’s look at the positive aspect of it. It’s current. It’s what people are going to be most interested in. if you think there aren’t millions of people out there today who are clamoring to read just about anything on Michael Jackson today, you’re crazy. anybody with a Michael Jackson blog is going to have traffic coming out of their ears. Make no mistake about it.Michael Jackson articles WILL be read today.

But what about five years from now when all the hoopla dies down? What’s going to happen to all these articles? Oh sure, there will still be a few people who will look for Michael Jackson articles, but it’s not going to be like the craziness of today. These articles will get very few views down the road.

Now, take an article on article marketing or SEO or something that is not so timely, something that is going to be consistent for a long time. Those articles are going to be read tomorrow as much as they’re going to be read today. sure, they may not get the initial traffic that then current events articles get, but they’ll get a lot more traffic five years from now.

Yes, you can do well writing about current events, for the short term. But if you want long term traffic, you might want to focus on topics that aren’t so timely.

Article Writing Tips – Writing on Current Events

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