Apple’s Textbook Sales Reaches 350,000 in First Three Days

AllThingsD reported on information from Global Equities Research, which claims that Apple’s iBooks Textbooks had record success within its first three days of availability. the ePub creator iBooks Author also saw a high number of downloads since its debut.

Global Equities Research uses a tracking system to generate approximate numbers and reported that more than 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from Apple’s iBookstore within the first three days of launching.

Additionally, the research company reported approximately 90,000 copies of Apple’s new book authoring tool, iBook Author during the same time.

Apple has not confirmed this information, but the numbers appear to be a good indicator of the company’s Textbook Initiative, which hopes to bring iPads into the classroom en mass.

Some schools are starting to implement an iPad-learning curriculum already.  Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, Vermont and a few Jewish day schools are reporting successful iPad integration.

Publishers are seeing dollar signs as the downloads continue. Publishers stand to make more money on books sold through iBooks than those sold at retail. According to Global Equities Research, digital textbook production cuts out the middleman makes it cost about 80 percent less than print publication.

Research analyst for Global Equities Research Trip Chowdhry said, “This is a recipe for Apple’s success in the textbook industry.”

Apple’s Textbook Sales Reaches 350,000 in First Three Days

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