Apple Sticking to September for 2010 iPod Event, Source Says

Rumors of Apple holding a mid-August event have been squashed by an All things D report saying Apple likely has its eye on the mid-September timeframe, with the event “definitely happening.”

Citing several unnamed sources, the WSJ-owned tech-site suggests Apple is sticking to its typical schedule for the annual fall event.

Dismissing recent rumors saying Apple was planning a surprise even weeks earlier than anticipated, All things D maintains that the event is closer to mid-September.

Last year, Apple issued invitations to the Let’s Rock Event on August 31, giving the media enough time to arrive in San Francisco in time for the September 9 gathering. Apple is yet to issue invitations to this year’s show.

Company watchers, pundits, and anyone else with a close connection to Apple all agree that Cupertino is planning to spit out a new version of its popular iPod touch, a new iPod nano, an iTV (as reported minutes ago), and perhaps even the highly-anticipated cloud-based iTunes.

That’s not to say Apple may not have even more announcements to make.

Alleged evidence of at least one of these rumored announcements stems from a MacRumors report claiming that an iPhone parts supplier had sent photos of the front LCD and bezel of the upcoming iPod touch.

The rumor site highlighted the immediately visible front-sided hole that would house a front-facing, FaceTime camera. The part was reportedly marked as belonging to Apple.

Not long after, renowned Apple pundit John Gruber mentioned the upcoming 4G iPod touch as well.

In a note analyzing Dell’s announcement of the Streak mini-tablet, the pundit suggested that Apple’s upcoming iPod touch will be a far better choice.

After acknowledging that Dell’s Streak will ship with a 5-inch screen and a $550 price tag, Gruber said, “That’s almost twice as much as a good iPod Touch, and if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina display and dual cameras.”

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