Apple iPod Touch Review: Is The 4th Generation Worth The Money?

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The Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation is the latest in the line of these top of the range MP3 players. Each generation has introduced new features to expand and improve on this multifunctional device. But just what does the 4th generation have to offer customers, both new and old?

Features Of the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

Here's a pick of the main features of Apple's latest iPod Touch:* 110 x 59 x 7.2mm, * Weighs 101g,* Front facing and rear facing camera,* PowerVR SGX 535 graphics,* Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth connectivity,* Comes in 8GB, 32GB or 64GB versions,* 960 x 640px, LED backlit display,* 40 hours audio battery life,* 7 hours video battery life,* Ability to run multiple apps at the same time,* Opportunity to buy a huge range of apps (and games) for various features.

iPod Touch 3rd Generation vs. 4th Generation

Looking to upgrade? then it's important to understand what's changed and what hasn't when it comes to the iPod Touch.

First things first, the screen has been given an upgrade and features the same detail as the iPhone 4. it now features a brand new Retina display, and the resolution has jumped from 320 x 480 to 960 x 640px. this will be an important upgrade to people who like to watch videos or play games on the iPod Touch.

Where the 3rd generation had nothing, the new iPod Touch now comes with a front facing and rear facing camera. the former is for pictures and video, the latter is to use the FaceTime app for video calls when connected over Wi-Fi. that said, if you're a photographer then the camera could do with some improvements in quality.

Cons Of the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

As mentioned above, the camera is not fantastic quality (under 1 megapixel) so don't expect to get amazing shots. that said, it's useful if you don't have a camera on you, and it's good at recording videos.

Aside from this, if you're a PC user then you may not be happy that you have to run the iPod Touch through iTunes to transfer music and other files – which many people describe as clunky. ITunes works significantly better if you run it on the Mac.

Pros Of the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

The truth is that there aren't really any MP3 players that compare to the iPod Touch. in truth, it's far more than an MP3 player (although, sadly, with a price tag to match). You'll be able to play games on it, download productivity apps, business apps, listen to music, have video calls, surf the web and much more! Apple certainly have the edge when it comes to the huge range of apps available to buy and download for free from the app store.

Should You Buy the iPod Touch 4th Generation Or the iPhone 4?

The iPod Touch is constantly being compared to the iPhone, as they share the same interface and generally similar features. However, the huge difference has got to be whether you need a new phone or not. if you do, and you also want the features of an iPod, then it's well worth buying the iPhone 4 instead.

But there's one major drawback of doing so – the price! the iPhone 4 is going to set you back possibly hundreds of dollars more than the iPod Touch, which makes the latter a great choice for anyone who's already got a phone or can put up with a cheaper one to save money.

Apple iPod Touch Review: Is The 4th Generation Worth The Money?

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