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Apple’s iPod Shuffle finally has a higher-capacity big brother. This compact MP3 player was always great for active users who enjoy working out, running or music listening on the go. the new 2GB model offers consumers an Apple version of capacity the competition has been offering for a year. Great as a gift, extra player, or exercise companion.

– New 2GB provides better capacity at a lower price per gigabyte!!!!

– Enlarged capacity allows for more song storage and less swapping in iTunes!

– Compact and functional design

– Nicely integrated clip – No case needed!

– Nice battery performance for long use

– Great family of Apple accessories

– Great for those already used to iTunes

– iTunes also good for inexperienced MP3 users

– Included in-ear headphones are great for a starter pair

– Same great color options (silver, green, purple, blue)

– Highly durable player

– Apple brand and reputation

– Still a premium price compared to competing players in total $ terms

– Competing products offer more features, including fm radio and voice recording

– No screen to view track names

– Difficult to control / select tracks via playlists

– Proprietary dock / jack for syncing

– Limited native file format support in iTunes (MP3, AAC)

– No drag and drop music control

– non iTunes fans are still forced to deal with software limitations

The long awaited 2 gigabyte iPod Shuffle has the same body that has captured a large audience of fans. Size has always been the iPod shuffle’s greatest asset. the integrated clip is no doubt its second greatest asset. big intuitive buttons make fast learners out of new users.

This unit works fine with no extra case, though there are still case options. the composite case comes in one of several popular color options, including silver, blue, green and purple.

Apple’s proprietary headphone jack is still used for syncing. Most competing players use a standard USB B port. Still a great overall design.

Apple deserves points for the more durable player in this group. Even with the composite body, these guys do hold up to a lot of abuse. Creative’s failure rates are too high, but Sandisk’s Clip is gaining ground in this area.

The 2GB is LONG OVERDUE!!! Amazon’s long wait times will surely have some going to Apple stores.

The 1GB size was Apple’s only option for a LONG time. the market has been flooded with 2GB players from the competition, as well as shuffle lookalikes. Still, as Apple finally ups their size, Sansa now offers the Clip in a 4GB size, though with long backorder waits. SanDisk Sansa Clip 4 GB MP3 Player (Silver) Still, expanding options makes the current starter MP3 market very good for consumers right now.

Creative Zen Stone Plus 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa c150 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Express 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk SDMX7-2048 Sansa c250 2 GB MP3 Player

SanDisk Sansa Clip 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

Features and Software

Competing players over simple screens for track viewing as well as FM radio and voice recording. the Zen Stone Plus by Creative and the Sandisk Clip each offer all three features at better price points. Apple’s reliability and brand loyalty has allowed the shuffle to survive with limited features.

Competing players also offer drag and drop syncing using standard USB cables or, in the case of the Sansa Express, via direct USB. Apple still requires the proprietary dock.

It still seems excessive to have to use iTunes software to sync 2GB of songs. Competing players have even worse software, but allow you to drag and drop files on these devices like USB thumb drives.

iTunes is both a curse and a blessing, depending on your point of view. for those who are used to iTunes or totally new to MP3s, the interface can be a great plus. for anybody who wants more direct control over their music collection, some of the features within iTunes can become burdensome. not to mention, it seems every week iTunes requires a new software update.

Once again, if you LOVE Apple and iTunes, or if you are totally new to MP3s the software will still be a net plus for you.

For those that care about file options, Apple’s software allows only limited MP3 and AAC music formats. You can easily convert other formats to these, but be aware of the limits. This is only a negative for those really loyal to a certain file format, such as the growing group of WMA users. having to have 2 format copies of all your music can really hurt as your collection grows.

The sound this unit produces is pretty good though not great. while I still feel the first generation shuffle sounded much better, the tradeoff was worth the smaller size.

The shuffle’s price has finally come down to about $65 for 2GB or $50 for 1GB. while not a bargain, this price makes the sting much less painful for Apple loyalists. the dollar per gigabyte cost is at least approaching that of competing players. the absolute dollar cost is still a premium when you factor in features.

Players like the Sansa Clip continue to offer more features at this capacity. If you want a small player and you are open to brands beyond Apple, your options continue to expand. the Creative Stone Plus, Sansa Clip, and new models from Samsung and Sony are all worth a look.

Once again, Apple’s reputation is well deserved. This model still requires you to pay a premium for it, though a slightly shrinking premium.

If you must have Apple and need a small player for high impact workouts, this new 2GB shuffle is it. If you and can afford it, stepping up to the Apple iPod Nano 4GB will cost you $140 but gives you twice the capacity and video. Still, if you’re not an Apple die-hard, the Sansa Clip and other options deserve serious consideration.

Research your options and choose the player that’s right for you. overall this is a good player at an improved price.

Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB Pink (2nd Generation) [Previous Model …

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