Apple Accused of Dictatorship and Prohibitive Prices

The Mobile Telesystems mobile operator from Russia has some harsh words to say about Apple because of the $1000 price the iPhone sells in Russia.

MTS, Apple’s main partner in Russia claims that the iPhone is hard to sell because of it’s very high prices since customers can choose rival products at prices starting from $120, according to the statements made by some managers of the company who attended an event in New York.

Furthermore, the company is not happy with the high standards set by Apple regarding the stores the iPhone is sold in, standards that require additional costs.

“it gets close to dictatorship when they say ” you have to do that otherwise you’re not getting the iPhone. Apple arrogance is not good for business” Vasyl Latsanych, MTS Marketing VP said.

MTS has 100 million clients in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Belarus.

These recent statements underline the problems Apple is facing on emerging markets and fuels fears that Apple has too higher prices for these markets.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was recently asked if the high prices of iPhone smartphones limit the sales growth internationally.

Cook replied that the attention Apple pays to details surpasses price considerations.

Apple Accused of Dictatorship and Prohibitive Prices

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