Anybody bought omaha steaks?

First of all they R so expensive. ANd secondly some look tuff.

They aren't bad, but expensive……Try black angus meat at the grocery store just as good and less money..
Good luck

Yes I have…Pretty good..nothing special about it..just as good as meat in the grocery store.

My parents used to have a case of their steaks shipped to our home every month. to the best of my memory they were VERY good and well worth the $.

my aunt always sends them to me I know the are pricey but tuff they are not they are juicy & tender & good.

I was NOT impressed!

I bought the rib eyes with the free burgers.

I like Black Angus steaks and rib eyes with heavy marbling.

The Omaha Steaks did not have a good flavor nor were the rib eyes very marbled. they tasted like Prime or Choice cuts to me.

I've gotten better steaks and burgers from the grocery store.

I did years ago, and the steaks were incredible, but as others have said very expensive.

I guess it would depend ont he event if I would do it again. if it were something that I really needed to be special, and was therefore willing to spend the extra money on, I would definately buy from them again.

They were very fresh, very well packaged and the taste and texture of the beef was something that I have never gotten anywhere else, even buying the finest cuts of meat in my grocery store.

We did once when we got a super special deal from them. they were excellent and worth the money.

Two of the five cases arrived late and were totally defrosted…not good. it was UPS's fault, not theirs. I called and they offered to replace all 5 cases! I said no, just two of them. they arrived the next day absolutely perfect.

Great customer service too.

They are a very good cut. be sure to be careful when cooking. you would hate to over cook and ruin the meat since it is very expensive. I think it is worth it for a special occasion, not an everyday thing (unless you are rolling in money)

I have, and I think they're WAY overpriced and not worth nearly what you pay for them. They're *ok*–about the same quality as what you'd buy at your local grocery store. You'd have better luck (and a better steak!) finding a local butcher shop in your town.

Yep, I have bought them in the past and they are excellent. the only thing is don't expect huge portions but the quality is great.

Yes, they're very good, but try to find a coupon or special to save some money. I will say this: don't miss the potatoes au gratin!! you just pop them into the oven and enjoy. they are soooooooo good, you could make a meal out of them. they are very unique and light and fluffy. our steaks were very tender and flavorful. we will purchase them again.

I normally don't buy commercialized meats, but once I did at Omaha. it was kinda, sorta good but not my type. I order less meat but ALOT more $$$ is Japanese meat grown here in the states. Now these are very $$$$…..but, you literally will never forget the taste……EVER !!!

Anybody bought omaha steaks?

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