Another Shark Scare at Jones Beach – 2nd Sighting in Two Weeks

Today swimmers spotted yet another shark in the waters near Jones Beach. This makes for the second shark spotting in the last two weeks. The last sighting was reported on July 17th in Zach’s Bay a recreational boating area adjacent to Jones Beach. The shark seen during the first incident was believed to be a baby thresher shark with a 3-foot body and a 3-foot tail. Lifeguards removed the shark during that incident and moved it out to deeper seas.

The shark seen today was spotted by an offshore patrol boat. Lifeguards and police were quick to act and evacuated the beach waters in and around Jones Beach. Beaches have been reopened as of 2pm today.

Most years during this time the jet stream or to some local fisherman the Gulf Stream comes up and brings with it a wealth of fish and marine life some of which you only see in the areas for a brief time during the summer months. Reports show that the jet stream is usually more toward the north of Long Island but this year has been different. The jet stream has been reported further south developing a more active storm track. This is one of the reasons rip currents have been reported as being very strong this year and can also be affecting the marine life in the area as well dragging in deeper sea fish into shallower swimming and boating areas.

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