Announced again the BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380

BlackBerry has been itself expanding a lot, does little was announced the Bold 9790.  the day of today is reported us on the new device called Curve Touch 9380, that will be one of the last projects which still remains.

This smartphone 4G apparently is based on the Torch 9850/9860 with some similar characteristics but to a smaller cost, inside their characteristics they are a touch screen of 3,2 inches with processor of 800 MHz, a camera of 5 MP very common in the smartphones current with recording of 720P and NFC.  the availability of the NFC more than all will be holds to the conditions that dictate the users, this same is happening with the Bold 9900.

According to the information of BGR first a version of this device was launched CDMA and after this the version GSM.

RIM apparently is trying to remove variety of smartphones that cover the need of many types of users; the problem of all this situates in which many of these users possibly wanted that it was focused in smartphones with QNX.  the teams that coming out with BlackBerry 7 as their operating system are not anything bad but they give the impression that they are an excuse to the true updating of RIM toward QNX.

This range of the devices Curve Touch will be the new entrance for the new users of BlackBerry that surely will be more pleasing.

Announced again the BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380

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