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We haven’t seen Donovan McNabb have a successful football season since he led the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2009 when he threw for 3553 yards and 22 TDs while missing two games early in the season because of injury. but it was the performance of Kevin Kolb in those two missed games, and the emergence of Michael Vick that allowed the Eagles to move forward without McNabb, even though Eagles’ coach Andy Reid said he would remain the starter following their playoff loss to the Cowboys. he was traded to the Redskins. Three years later, Reid is trying to convince teams that they could use McNabb on their roster. Just not his.

McNabb became an unrestricted free agent after the Vikings released him late last season, after a less than spectacular season in Minnesota. this after he was basically replaced by Rex Grossman following the 2010 season in Washington. Reid told the NFL Network that teams should look into him.

“I tell them to take him,” Reid said in an interview set to air on Monday evening’s NFL Total Access. “I still think he can play. I think the world of him, and we had some great years together here. I’m always wishing him the best and a fan of his. I got a chance to see him at Brian Dawkins‘ retirement [ceremony]. he looks good. he looks physically good. he looks like he could go out and play tomorrow. I would highly recommend [him].”

McNabb has been a little bit of a prima donna as of late in NFL locker rooms, so the likelihood of a team just giving him a shot just for the sake of looking good to Andy Reid is highly unlikely. His attitude got him benched in Washington, and released in Minnesota, as he had no interest in mentoring Christian Ponder. oh, and his play has been absolutely terrible. Teams would be willing to look beyond the former if he could produce on the field.

Andy Reid: Someone should sign Donovan McNabb « The Victory Formation

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