Allen: ‘This is not the time to sit down’

MIAMI — Celtics guard Ray Allen arrived early for shootaround prior to Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals to get in some extra work. That’s not that unusual. "Sometimes you just don’t see me," he said. "I couldn’t sneak in today."

As for the suggestion that Allen could miss a game because of the bone spurs in his ankle, Allen shot back, "Hell, no. This is not the time to sit down."

More than anything, Allen said, the injury has affected his ability to jump and get air under his shot.

"With me it’s lift," he said. "When you don’t jump on your jump shot it changes your arc. so many people call me and tell me, ‘You’ve got to get the ball in the air more.’ I’m like, ‘Thank you for the advice. I’ve only been doing this for 20 years.’ "

Also from shootaround, coach Doc Rivers said that Kevin Garnett won’t guard Shane Battier like he did at the beginning of Game 1. "It took him out of a lot of help situations," Rivers said. "That won’t happen again."

The issue of hard fouls was brought up again, but Rivers said the idea isn’t to hit Miami at the rim, it’s to prevent the Heat from getting there.

"We’re not trying to do that," Rivers said. "We’re not saying we want to foul 19 times. We’re saying we don’t want them to get to the basket. When we say we want to take away layups, we’re not saying we want to take them out."

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Allen: ‘This is not the time to sit down’

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