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why do some people lie about there age? i mean women! what do they think they will gain by telling lies?

For young girls… a date. for older woman…a date.

But im always for real on yahoo. I'm 14.

young women want to appear older
older women want to appear younger

it is the world we live in.. 😀

'Cause some women thinks that telling a lie by their age can attract guys. .. :)

Makes them feel better about themselves!

I dont see why women lie about their age….The person they lie to will find out eventually so why not save the trouble and say the truth in the first place?

Good question. I wonder how many have given their true age on YA!? Have a star!

alot of people lie because they feel that they will not get the same attention if they are their real age, it really doesnt solve anything because the truth does come out eventually. I honestly think its insecurity and its not a positive thing.

a man would love to share a bed with a virgin and not with on with 5 or 6 kids so she would obiously try to remain 16 though out her life hence she would lie her age

hey maybe you will feel being to old to be telling you the truth that they are to old for you…like you never lied before…:)

people lie about there age because they either want to go out with someone a different age to them
they will gain a boyfriend

hi some women do lie about there age expecially wen there alot younger!! its a way of talkin to older lads! cuz if they new there real age then older lads woudnt wnt to no

i dont know im 17 and i am happy because i am young and sexy i love being my age i will be 18 soon no worries. i dont know why people lie maybe they like someone and they will think they wont like them back because of age. age is just a number…good luck sexy

Age ???????? – Yahoo! Answers

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