Adopt a Charity Program – Coming to the Coachella Valley

There are some wonderful things happening behind the scenes in this beautiful Coachella Valley. In fact, there is some talk now of forever cementing the relationship between business and the non-profit sector allowing governments, industry, non-profits and small businesses to work together seamlessly and more efficiently. but can this really be done?

Yes, it may seem that every business competes against every other business and that every non-profit group competes with all the others in their fight for donations and dollars, especially as the disposable income of the average family dries up due to increased costs on gasoline and food. but did you know that our valley is so strong that we may soon be beyond all this competing for scarce resources and monetary contributions in the non-profit sector? It’s true.

Although the powers that be, behind the scenes have not decided what to call it yet, and are waiting for some guidance from the very non-profit groups that are getting together, it will most likely involve at least in part an adoption component. Yes, small businesses and corporations will be able to opt in and adopt a non-profit or give their monies to a larger group allowing for distribution to the various worthy Coachella Valley charities.

It’s time for all non-profits to unite and for all businesses to be a part of something great. If you thought this Valley was one of the most giving places on Earth with some of the most generous volunteers, (you are right), then you haven’t seen nothing yet, as the best is yet to come

Adopt a Charity Program – Coming to the Coachella Valley

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