Adam Levine Explains Those Anti-Celebrity Fragrance Comments

“if it’s cool and done properly” – what exactly is he going to do that will be different? what makes his cool, and others not? Dude, admit it, you’re not doing anything different from the tons of other celebrity fragrances you criticized. And soon, the consumers will let you know 222 is just like the rest of them.

“So I want to do a thing that’s never done properly. That’s my goal.”

This is why I love him, as long as he is singing or just standing there, not when he opens his mouth. his beauty fades when he speaks, he always comes across as arrogant, sadly.

I am not a fan of Adam. on the Voice he always brings up the fact that his team won last season. He tries to make it seem like he is super cool, but it just comes off as arrogant. his scents will be like all the others. I’m not hating, just sharing my opinion.

Oh, Adam. I was really liking you a lot and now you’re turning into ONE OF THOSE celebrities that thinks that what others do is wrong but when you do it, it’s better & different. how very disappointing.

Adam has always been arrogant and now America gets to finally see it. his ego is soo inflated! his show, supermodel girlfriend and now his “different” cologne is just going to make his head explode…

Adam Levine Explains Those Anti-Celebrity Fragrance Comments

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