A Movie List, The Fun Way

Do you have a movie list in a notebook, in your filing cabinet, or on your computer? many people do. Whether you simply like to keep lists and inventories, or it’s necessary to keep track of a vast collection, keeping a movie list can be as simple as a list of titles, or it can be an elaborate database with tons of information about each movie. But the most fun way to keep track of your collection is with special software that does the hard work for you, and lets you simply enjoy browsing through your movie list.

If you’re keeping a movie list written down somewhere, now’s the time to transfer your list to the computer. Paper lists are easily lost, and though updating them is as simple as writing down something new, to re-organize the list you have to rewrite the entire thing. If you like any semblance of order to your list, a paper inventory doesn’t have much to offer.

At the very least, you can type the list into your computer in either a text editor or a word processor. Then even though it looks just like a paper list, only typed, it’s much easier to insert a movie where you want it and make changes without re-doing the whole thing. a better solution would be for you to create a database on your computer for your movies. most office software packages offer database-making capabilities, so it’s not difficult (as long as you know your way around your software) to create a movie list database. You’ll just create headers for the title of the movies, the genre, the year of release, and any other headers you want.

If you create a movie list database on your computer, set aside a good chunk of time to type in all your movies and their relevant information. Depending on how large your collection is, how fast you type and how familiar you are with making and updating a database, this could be quite a project. But once it’s done, then you can manipulate your list, sort it, and organize it any way you want, on the fly. Alternately, you can download some sort of list-making software that’s generic in its approach-you can list anything. Then you won’t have to make a database, but you still have to take the time to type everything in.

Or you could make a movie list the fun way, with software designed just for movies. The best movie list software does all the hard work for you-not just set-up, but filling in the movie information, too. You’ll just use the software to search for a film. When it finds the right one, you’re only a few clicks away from adding it to your collection complete with an image of the cover, and detailed information about each film. Forget those written or typed movie lists Keep track of your movies the fun and easy way, with movie list software.

A Movie List, The Fun Way

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