A Hug From Taylor Swift Challenge #2

It’s time to check in with Mike and Ryan, the affable (and adorable) duo from Auburn University currently completing a series of challenges set forth by one Taylor Swift in order to gain a hug from the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter! When Tonic last spoke to Mike and Ryan, they had just completed Taylor’s first challenge: to help an old lady cross the street — and gone well above the call of duty (remember the parade, anyone?).

This time, T. Swift challenged the duo to “do something involving the number 13″ (her favorite number), but, of course, it had to be a good deed. She gave them the jumping off idea of “baking 13 cookies for someone,” but, as we already saw, with Mike and Ryan, baking 13 cookies is small potatoes. Get ready for 13 acts of kindness as never seen before.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.

A Hug From Taylor Swift Challenge #2

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