A helping hand for the UK’s new Nokia smartphone owners

Let’s not be too proud to admit it: sometimes we could all do with a little help.

Sure, your smartphone is now a joy and really easy to use, but do you remember when you first took it out of the box and spent a few seconds figuring out how to even turn it on?

How do I add my different email accounts? What’s the best way to transfer my contacts? Can I change the lock-screen image?

Put it another way: most of us needed help riding a bike when we were younger.

This is the idea behind Nokia’s new Smart Setup service, which launches in the UK today.

A time for you

People who have bought a new Nokia Lumia device will get expert assistance to help them get to grips with the Windows Phone operating system and how they can make the most of its great features.

To take advantage of this, you just need to visit the Smart Setup website, book a time slot that suits you best and then someone from the Nokia Customer Care team will then call you back at the appointed time.

As well as being completely free, Smart Setup offers a personalised service to suit your needs and in the specific areas required.

The Nokia experts will help people with everything from backing up your important photos and files with SkyDrive, how to meet up with friends using Nokia Maps or connecting your Nokia Lumia with accessories such as wireless headphones or car kits.

‘Intuitive but new’

Matt Channing is head of Nokia UK’s Customer Care, and he says that Smart Setup is aimed at new, and even experienced, smartphone users who want to learn tips and tricks and little nuances that will help them to get the most of their Lumia device.

Why the need for the service at all?

“Windows Phone is an intuitive operating system but it is a new one,” says Matt.

“Family and friends are often the first point of contact for customers to go to when they have questions. where Windows Phone is new, we want to be that family and friend.”

Education and information is a big part of Smart Setup too.

“There are some big misconceptions are out there and concerns from people that they cannot customise their device or personalise the ringtones. We can teach people that they can personalise their device and it also allows them to install numerous applications to do this.”

Knock-on effects

The Smart Setup service was first rolled out in the USA a couple of months ago, where it has been well-received and there have been some positive knock-on effects, says Matt.

“It has reduced any unnecessary returns into our operator channels and it has also lifted the burden on operators to help install or set up that customer. Customers have the opportunity to go home and set up the device at their leisure when they’ve booked an appointment with us.”

It seems that Smart Setup has gone down well in the US. how well prepared is Matt’s team in the UK?

“We have provided extensive training for our team. We have done numerous test calls of our own from simply playing dumb to a real ‘I’ve never used a phone before’ through to the more complex set up and functionality questions.

“I’ve got full confidence that we can answer 99% of the questions. There’s always bound to be one curve ball but in general I have a high level of confidence in the capabilities of the team.”

So book that appointment. Matt and his team are waiting to help you.

image credit: ansik

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A helping hand for the UK’s new Nokia smartphone owners

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