A Guide to the Wine Regions of Washington

In recent times, the wine industry in Washington has really begun to flourish. there has been a four fold increase in the number of wineries in the state over the past ten years, bringing in approximately two million extra tourists every year to wine producing regions.

The reason for this success is that Washington shares an approximate latitude with some of the great wine regions of the world, such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, and as such is able to grow grapes that are comparable in taste and quality to the best from these regions.

Wine tour holidays have been increasing in popularity across the world, and in Washington too. The area has a large selection of wineries to choose from. if you’re keen to tour the Washington wine circuit, then take a look at our guide to the best wineries that Washington has to offer.

If you’re looking for a traditional time-honoured winery then you’ll find Chateau Ste. Michelle a treat. As one of Washington’s largest wineries, it has been producing wine since 1934, and they are experts of their craft. The Chateau is open for tours from 10am til 5pm daily and operate every half hour, finishing in the tasting room with complimentary wine samples.

The Red Hook Brewery may not strictly qualify as a winery, but it merits a mention here as it is so well loved among Washington’s inhabitants. So for those who are willing to stretch their taste buds to include fine beers, a visit to the Red Hook is a must. As well as providing tours with your own complimentary beer glass souvenir and plenty of free beer samples, the Red Hook is also home to Forecaster’s Pub where you can get top notch pub grub too.

Located just a hop, skip and a jump from Washington’s famed Chateau Ste. Michelle is the beautiful Columbia Winery, making for a grand day out. You’ll be spoiled for choice at the Columbia, who boast the biggest wine tasting bar and wine selection in all of Washington. And you can’t fail to be impressed by their tastefully landscaped estate.

The further east you travel through Washington, the closer you’ll be getting to the actual vineyards themselves. The eastern Washington supply award-winning Washington wineries with award-winning grapes each year. Some award-winners to look out for are Bookwalter Wineries and Chinook, both of which offer free tastings and tours of their estates.

The particular topography of Washington state means that there are huge climatic differences between its wine regions, allowing a lot of different types of grape strains to be grown there. In the past, some of these regions have been deemed unsuitable for growing grapes, due to the long dry seasons, but thanks to advances in irrigation, growers can now take advantage of the long, hot growing season in Washington State to produce world-beating wines.

A Guide to the Wine Regions of Washington

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