A dim bulb’s ‘bank jobs’

He holds the world speed record for scarfing down a light bulb, but it was his side gig that proved more arresting.

Circus-performer wannabe R.J. Williams — who’s received the dubious honor of polishing off a light bulb in a stomach-destroying 33.86 seconds, according to Recordsetter.com — carried out a four-borough bank-robbing spree, hitting 11 branches since April, police said yesterday.

He allegedly targeted seven banks in Brooklyn, two in Manhattan, one in Queens and one in The Bronx. His capers netted $14,000, sources said.

But his robbery run came to an end Wednesday in Brooklyn after a quick clothes change failed to fool cops, police said.

WATT THE HELL? Alleged serial bank robber R.J. Williams is the proud holder of the dubious speed record for eating a light bulb. R.J. Williams

Williams, 22, allegedly waltzed right past police after he fled the Apple Bank in Midwood empty handed and donned a different shirt.

“he appeared to be texting,” said Lt. mark Crawford, of the 61st Precinct. “. . . this guy came walking straight past us and didn’t pick his head up. Something’s not right with this guy.”

A bank teller identified Williams by his Elvis-esque sideburns, sources said.

Cops discovered that Williams possessed a prewritten note for his next scheduled bank robbery, police said.

He lives on the Upper West side and has no prior criminal record.

“He’s a magician. he was auditioning at the Coney Island Freak Show,” one law-enforcement source said. “I don’t think they serve 60-watt bulbs as prison food in Rikers.”

Williams entered the Kings Highway Apple branch at about 10:15 a.m., police said. he was penning a demand note when he realized employees had recognized him from his failed attempt to knock the bank over on Friday, police said.

He left, and staffers hit a silent alarm as two employees followed him around the corner, police said.

The employees watched him allegedly duck into a doorway and rip off a cream-stripe blue jacket and cream-color baseball cap. he stuffed the outfit in a plastic bag and put on a plaid shirt, police added.

The bank workers gave the new description to Officer Reghunan Ramroop at the bank, who in turn radioed the info to Crawford and Officer Kevin Jacobs.

Crawford said he and Jacobs happened upon Williams as they were canvassing the neighborhood.

“That’s him, 100 percent,” said a teller.

Aside from eating light bulbs, friends said Williams also swallowed swords and was featured in a YouTube video sticking a bike spoke through his biceps.

Williams has an identical twin, according to a doorman at the building where the boys and two other siblings were raised by their single mom.

Additional reporting by Erin Calabrese

A dim bulb’s ‘bank jobs’

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