A ‘Bachelor’ Reality

For whatever reason, Brad, this season’s latest bachelor decided at the time of reckoning to say ‘thanks, but, no thanks’, to the idea of marriage. of course, in todays reality, let us not forget that this bit of news the viewing public saw just nights ago, actually happened well over 2 months ago in the world of REALITY TV. The filming of this emotional and dramatic episode of The Bachelor, must have been devastating for the two women involved, as well as for the man of the moment.

At some point early on in the series, when many of the women had been sent home sobbing, there was an assumption from the castoffs about the two remaining women in competition for Brad’s heart and beautiful diamond on their ringed fingers. Jenni and DeAnna were the last women standing. The audience of women from the series were asked by the show’s host, who they predicted would end up with the bachelor.

Many of the women chose the spunky Phoenix Suns cheerleader, Jenni. Others predicted DeAnna, the Realtor as the victor. I had made my own assumption as well, based upon the way the women presented Brad to their families and to Brad’s family as well. DeAnna seemed more ‘knowing’ in that she was exhibiting signs of woman character. She appeared to have her head on straight. She also could cook. Jenni, although, the older of the two women, seemed a bit ‘illusionary’. Like she had her head filled with clouds of wonderment, ginger bread, Chinese in a box and not quite enough reality. She, after all, was going to become the best darn cheerleader the Suns had ever encountered.

So, yes, I had chosen DeAnna. But, all is fair in love and reality. Brad, the bachelor was not feeling it. he could not give either woman a rose. he was left sitting forlornly, fingering that beautiful diamond while the women rode away in that big beautiful stretch Limo, crying and asking WHY? Now, they will get a chance to ask Brad, the bewildered bachelor this very same question on the reality shows finale.

It is, in my opinion, a question that truly requires no answer. let us face the reality, people. The man’s heart simply did NOT resonate with the pitter-patter true sign of real love that we all have felt at some point in a relationship.Give Brad a break, he is only human and appears to be a true man of substance.

A ‘Bachelor’ Reality

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