911: The Bronx – Reality TV gets Real

Today was the third episode of the Discovery Channel’s 911: The Bronx series. The show follows the staff of the emergency room at St. Barnabas hospital in the South Bronx. The real life depiction of the ER gives viewers an inside look at just how traumatic true life medical emergencies can be from the inside doctors. Be warned this show isn’t for the faint of heart. The graphic nature of many of the scenes really strikes a nerve. Some of which become hard to even watch. This is the real reality ladies and gentleman none of that sugar coated stuff you see on TV today.

Discovery channel does a superb job showing what happens at one of the toughest hospitals in America today. Many of us do not understand just what it’s like in some of these areas in which the hospital is the main source of medical care for the community. Daily visits of drug and alcohol abuse patients, gunshot and stabbing victims, STD’s, etc. Many of the stories you never hear on the news but for one of the busiest hospitals in America this is just a regular day.

Personally knowing many of the doctors and nurses at St. Barnabas I can attest to the accuracy of the series. The recordings were done on regular days at the ER and nothing was scheduled or exaggerated for TV. These were all real life incidences that occurred and each patient signed a release to be a part of the show. Every day I hear touching stories of the lives these doctors save. Having first hand experience in St. Barnabas hospital alongside one of the doctors gave me a whole new outlook on life. I give much credit to the brave, caring, and dedicated staff of St. Barnabas for there undying devotion to human life. It takes a unique person to devote their life to saving others and everyone at St. Barnabas does just that.

Stay tuned for 2 more episodes of 911: The Bronx airing on the Discovery Channel

Episode 4 – November 4th 12:00pm
Episode 5 – November 11th 12:00pm

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