7 Tips For A Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

With Halloween just around the corner and much to do in your daily life, many people forget to look in advance for a good costume that will turn heads and make others envious that they didn’t think of that idea.

As far as celebrities go, Lady Gaga is at the pinnacle of ‘Fame’ and as a result many are clamouring to get into a Lady Gaga costume to both shock and create a buzz about the Gaga fashion sense. she has topped the charts with hits such as Poker Face, Bad Romance and Just Dance. her extreme rise to the top of the charts have netted her over 15 million album sales

Part of her electrifying persona that has shattered barriers is with her surreal outfits and costumes that sometimes are over-the-top crazy and eccentric. one this is for sure – her costumes get noticed. As a result, a whole line of Gaga-type costumes and dresses have been created for both club wear and Halloween costumes.

It is hard to put an actual label on the style that Gaga has epitomized but I like to think of it as fresh and shocking. Other’s called it Outre. Combined with her inspiring and invigorating music, Gaga has captivated millions.

In order to fully personate and become Lady Gaga for Halloween you must put some thought into the process of mimicking her style. A good tip would be to watch some of her award winning videos that will inspire you for creating your costume. I would also suggest that you consider the following:

1. go with flashy and glitzy. Sequin’s and textured is all Gaga.
2. Sharp edged shapes are big and add depth to costumes that Gaga has made popular.
3. Consider a funky accessory like jewel encrusted anything.
4. Add some makeup to accentuate lips and eyes and be creative.
5. A stand-out wig is a must. go blue, platinum or gold.
6. A provocative mask or face cover. the crazier the better.
7. finish off with fishnet/stockings and stiletto heels or platform shoes.

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list and you can have fun with your design ideas. Consider going to the craft store to add inexpensive glitter and bling to a cardboard backing which could make any number of accessories.

In closing, it is in the spirit of Lady Gaga’s music that you just be yourself, be creative and just dance

7 Tips For A Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

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