5 Great Bars For Celebrating Your Birthday in NYC

Let’s face it; NYC houses some of the best bars on the planet, no questions asked. The cultural diversity of the city has allowed for some of the most unique bars in the world to pop up around the city at an alarming rate, making planning a birthday in NYC a guaranteed good time. Here are 5 great bars for celebrating your birthday in NYC:

Midtown East’s Opal is one the hottest clubs in the city, and is a great place to spend a birthday. The service is excellent, there are plenty of hi-def televisions and Opal is always hopping, especially when it comes to the after work and late-night crowd. Can’t decide where to spend that birthday? give Opal a shot.

35 East 13th Street @ University Place

Union Square’s Bar13 features three floors plus a deck and functions a bar, club and lounge; all in the same space. Since Bar13 can accommodate up to 400 people, it’s the perfect place to hold that off the hook party you’ve been planning.

The Western Village houses Obivia, one of NYC’s most trendy and elegant lounges. The perfect place for a low-key, relaxing birthday, Obivia will no-doubt remind of you of being in your best friend’s living room

The East Side’s Libation is a trendy, up-scale restaurant/lounge that has become a premier nightspot. If you’re looking for some grown-up food and drink, then Libation is the venue for you.

Need a break from pretension? McFadden’s is the perfect place to unwind and spend your birthday if you’re looking for a quirky, fun-loving venue that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

5 Great Bars For Celebrating Your Birthday in NYC

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