5 best new restaurants and their drool-worthy dishes

Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapoport highlights five new restaurants around the country that are cooking up lots of buzz.

Bon Appetit magazine set out to find the 10 best new restaurants of 2011. After traveling the country to do his due diligence, the magazine’s restaurant critic, known as “The Foodist,” came up with his 10 favorites, taking into account whether the meals were worth the price, whether he would return, and whether he’d recommend it to his friends. The biggest shocker? only one New York restaurant made the top 10, and none made the top 5. Are the days of New York as America’s culinary capital long gone? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Take a look at the top 5 of Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurants list and the mouthwatering dishes that make them gastronomic gems, courtesy of the magazine’s editor, Adam Rapoport.

5. Ruxbin, Chicago, Ill.This small Korean restaurant has only 32 seats and is BYOB – but is big on flavor. “Our writer says the room feels like a set from ‘Blade Runner’ — everything is refurbished, repurposed or reclaimed,” said Rapoport. “Not a lot of money was spent on the decor or the lighting or anything like that. It’s all about the food here.” 

Star dish: Apple and plum salad with celery, almonds, manchego cheese, shallots. “I love that it’s sweet, salty and crunchy all at once,” said Rappaport.

 4. Travail Kitchen and Amusements, Robbinsdale, Minn.“Travail was not on our radar at all,” said Rapoport. “we just got a tip and checked it out.” This French restaurant isn’t exactly located in a culinary hotbed – it’s in a suburb 15 minutes outside of Minneapolis. “Their tasting menu is out of this world — delicious and you can’t beat the cost — 10 courses for 2 people for $60 total!”

Star dish: Pan-roasted barramundi with Normandy sauce, baby zucchini, garlic bruschetta, tomato concasse, caper berry brunoise mire piox, pickled julienne onions and dill pollen.

3. The Walrus and The Carpenter, SeattleThis seafood restaurant wins big for it’s amazing oysters. “Oysters here are out of this world,” said Rapoport.”Oysters are having their moment right now. They’re getting respect. and folks are paying attention to what region they come from — just like wine in France or Italy.”

Star dish: while you could make oysters your entire meal, it’s just a small portion of the restaurant’s menu. Featured here is the smoked trout with lentils, creme fraiche, walnuts and pickled onions.

2. Mission Chinese Food, San FranciscoThis is an old dive restaurant that serves up great food – with lines out the door. “There’s all kinds of crazy stuff on the menu,” said Rapoport.

Star dish: Tingly lamb noodle soup, “one of the simplest and best dishes on their menu with fortified lamb broth, lamb meat and a splash of citrus-y tingle from szechuan peppercorn,” explains Rapoport.

1. Husk, Charleston, S.C.Bon Apetit’s choice for No. 1 is a southern restaurant that’s celebrated far and wide. “Husk is amazing! Their chef Sean Brock is great guy,” said Rapoport. “It’s home cooking done really, really well. This place is almost a tribute to the kind of food his grandma must have taught him to cook, with an added modern edge.

Star dish: Skillet-roasted chicken with faro and herb pistou and signature buttermilk dinner rolls sprinkled with homegrown sesame seeds.

Tell us, do you agree with this list? Who gets your vote for Best New Restaurant?

5 best new restaurants and their drool-worthy dishes

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