3 Top Celebrity News Bits of 2010

2010 like any other year has been chock full of celebrity happenings. Here’s a look at a few of the top celebrity news items from the year that is almost over:

Sandra Bullock leaves Jesse James: Just days after Sandra had won her Oscar for the movie The Blindside Sandra got a very heartbreaking blindside of her own. Sandra found out in the worst possible way that her husband of five years, Jesse James, had been cheating on her. To make matters worse, not only had he been cheating on her, but he had cheated on her with several different women. and to make matters worse than that, he had been bringing some of these other women around their mutual friends. The most heartbreaking aspect of it all, was that Sandra was the queen of the awards season, and she wholehearted credited her wonderful marriage as the reason why she was able to have the love and sensitivity that her characters needed to win her awards. she showed so much love and gratitude for her husband in a very public way, just to find out from a tabloid magazine that he had been living a secret life behind her back. Sandra immediately left Jesse, filed for divorce, and then revealed that she was taking sole custody of a baby that the two had been adopting in secret. So not only did the world learn that the marriage was over, but they found out about the baby at the same time

John Travolta and Kelly Preston Have a Baby: after almost two years of living hell, John Travolta and Kelly Preston announced that they were expecting a baby boy The news was especially exciting after the untimely death of their 16 year old son Jett. Jett had many physical issues and disorders, and died due to a head injury. on top of this loss, the Travoltas had to battle an extortion case, where people tried to extort their money. The incidents took a major toll on their well being, but they bounced back personally and in their careers with the help of family and friends. It was announced a few days ago that Kelly went into labor to deliver their new baby boy.

The Death of Gary Coleman: A generation was heartbroken when child star Gary Coleman died this year of a brain hemorrhage. Gary was well known and loved during the 1970s through the 1980s, first in commercials, and then on Diff’rent Strokes. he was one of the biggest and most powerful child stars of his time. Unfortunately, his success didn’t continue into his adulthood. he took on many odd jobs, because he claimed that he was broke, and that his parents had spent his money. At the time of his death, he hadn’t spoken to his parents in over 20 years because of a court case. Gary was reuniting with his estranged wife when he died. there was speculation of foul play, but his wife was cleared of wrongdoing.

3 Top Celebrity News Bits of 2010

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