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Waka Flocka Ready To ‘Smash’ Drake’s Club Paradise Tour

Waka Flocka Flame is ready to hit the club.

On may 7, Waka, J. Cole, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and French Montana will hit the road with Drake on the next leg of the Toronto rapper’s ever-evolving Club Paradise tour.

“you know, the kings of the club gotta go to the club,” Flocka told MTV News earlier this week at a Brooklyn, New York photo shoot. “They told me Club Paradise is the most popping-est club in the United States right now.”

The 27-city run will kick off in Concord, California, and move through amphitheaters in Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago and New York.

“I want to go out on tour with the most exciting artists right now, and I want to make sure that I have songs with all of them,” Drizzy said during a conference call for the press on Tuesday. “if we start getting into it and we start really vibing, maybe the last few nights, it’s a collaboration show; maybe we do all of our songs onstage together.”

Right now, there are few rap artists more exciting than the energetic Waka Flocka, whose latest single, “Round of Applause,” has become a strip-club staple. “He’s like, ‘we the new era, we the new faces of rap, we the new generation,’ ” the Atlanta riot-starter said of a conversation he and Drake had. “So why not put us all together? I salute him for that. you know I’m about to smash that.”

Though he’s the headliner, Drake doesn’t look at his tourmates as opening acts. Instead, he’ll treat Club Paradise as if it were an all-star music experience similar to the popular Coachella or Bamboozle festivals.

“On this tour, I encourage people to get there early, because it’s more [of] a festival vibe, if anything,” he said. “It’s one of those days that’s it’s going to start during the sunlight and the sun’s going to drop, it’s outdoors, it’s summertime … I want people to make it a day.”

Aside from Drake, who are you most excited to see on the next leg of the Club Paradise Tour? Tell us in the comments!

Waka Flocka Ready To ‘Smash’ Drake’s Club Paradise Tour

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    Smartphone camera shootout: iPhone 4S vs. HTC One S – Gadgetbox on

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    Avram Piltch , Laptop

    Though most current Android smartphones come with high-resolution cameras, most of these pale in comparison to the iPhone 4S’ 8-MP shooter not only does the average Android camera take lower quality pictures than Apple’s handset, it also takes a lot longer to fire up and shoot. HTC’s new One S phone promises to change all that by providing high-speed shots, an f/2.0 aperture 8-MP lens for improved picture quality, and powerful camera software that provides over a dozen filters, HDR mode and more.

    To see which phone takes the best pictures and provides the best overall photo-taking experience, we grabbed an HTC One S and an iPhone 4S and used them to shoot the same subjects. The results may surprise you.

    Detail shots

    When we shot a photo of a stone relief on our office roof with both phones on auto mode, the iPhone 4S’s photo appeared just a bit sharper and more detailed. considering that the stone was covered with late-afternoon shadows, the iPhone also captured more light, resulting in a brighter image.

    Winner: iPhone

    HDR PicturesBoth phones support high dynamic range (HDR) photography. HDR photos provide a greater degree of contrast between foreground and background objects by effectively light-metering them differently. So, with HDR enabled, a building should look just as bright and colorful as the blue sky behind it.

    Unfortunately, after you shoot an HDR photo, you have to wait a good 3 to 4 seconds for it to process. So you’ll only want to use HDR mode for high-contrast situations where a foreground object is significantly lighter or darker than the scene behind it.

    To test HDR on both phones, we went up on our roof and shot a picture of some buildings against a blue sky. though both shots look great, the iPhone 4S’s photo seems just a bit more colorful, particularly when you look at the blue in the sky, the white in the tower and the green in the dome.

    This photo of a church was also taken in HDR and, as you can see, both the sky and the stone walls of the church appear much brighter and more colorful in the iPhone’s photo.

    Winner: iPhone 4S

    Outdoor shots

    When we took a photo of a tree, we noticed that the iPhone 4S’s version was sharper and a little bolder in terms of saturation.

    When we shot a bed of flowers in a shady area, the HTC One S’s picture was brighter, but the iPhone 4S’s shot seemed a bit more accurate, given the shady lighting. Which you prefer –the more true-to-life shot or the more vibrant shot — is a matter of personal preference.

     In this photo of a statue, colors are clearly richer on the iPhone 4S, while they seem a bit washed out on the HTC One S. And while the statue appears brighter in the One S shot, the details get blown out a bit.

    Indoor shots

    To test out each phone’s ability to shoot indoors, we brought them home to our apartment and took some photos of a baby and a cat.

    In real life, the room was rather dim, but the iPhone 4S brightened up the photo a bit. The cat’s fur seems much sharper in the iPhone 4S’s picture than in the HTC One S’s. we notice, however, that the iPhone’s pictures have a bit of a yellow hue while the One S’s seem more red and purple.

    When we shot a baby who was a bit red in the face, the photo on the HTC One S seemed sharper and more accurately reflected his real-world skin tone. however, the sunnier colors on the iPhone 4S looked pretty attractive.

    We also shot a photo of some random objects and found that colors like the red in an Iron Man bobble head doll were just a little deeper in the iPhone 4S’s picture.

    Winner: iPhone 4S by a narrow margin 

    Shutter speed

    HTC claims that the One S can shoot a photo in just .7 seconds, and when we timed the shutter with a stopwatch, it took around that amount of time. when we performed the same test on the iPhone 4S, times were also under a second so it seems like both of these phones are equally speedy. neither phone has a dedicated camera button, but both let you launch their camera apps directly from their lock screens, making it easy to start a photo session in just a second or two.

    Though the phones shoot single photos with equal speed, only the HTC One S is able to shoot in a .2-second burst mode that lets you quickly capture action shots. when you hold down the shutter button, the One S shoots up to 99 pictures in a row and then allows you to designate one as the “best shot” and discard the others.

    Winner: HTC One S

    1080p Video

    Unlike most phones, both the iPhone 4S and the HTC One S can shoot 1080p video. we shot a few seconds of HD footage of cars rolling down fifth avenue on a cloudy day. though both videos are sharp, smooth and colorful, the One S’s video looked just a touch more vibrant. The One S also supports 60 fps slow-motion video, something you can’t do on the iPhone 4S at all. 

    Winner: HTC One S

    Special effects and filters

    When it comes to camera software, the HTC One S beats the iPhone 4S hands down. Where the iPhone’s preloaded camera software gives users minmal options, HTC’s ImageSense software provides a bevy of special effects and features.

    Using the One S’s camera app, we were able to shoot panoramic images, tweak the light mode, and apply more than a dozen filters to our photos before we shot them. we particularly like the dots filter which makes photos look like a cubist painting, but users can also take advantage of a couple of “vintage” filters which make your photos look like they belong on Instagram. If you decide you want to turn your photo into sepia colors or use the distort effect on it after you’ve already shot it, you can apply any of the filters by tapping Edit in the Gallery. 

    Because of the speed of the camera, users can also take a series of 99 action shots at once and then choose the “best photo” with the software. The app even lets you shoot still pictures while filming a video.

    With the iPhone 4S, you do get some basic editing features that let you crop, remove red eye from and otherwise enhance pictures after they’ve already been shot. While the One S does not come with a dedicated red-eye removal tool in its editor, it allows you to crop photos, apply effects and even adjust the brightness, contrast and color levels on photos. in iOS, you need third-party apps like Camera Plus to apply effects to your photos.

    Winner: HTC One S

    Both the iPhone 4S and the HTC One S have really strong 8-MP cameras that are capable of shooting sharp, colorful still images in under a second. Both phones can also capture great 1080p video, and provide support for HDR. 

    When it comes to features, the HTC One S is superior to the iPhone in every way, offering burst mode, the ability to shoot photos while filming video, slow motion video capture, and a wide variety of filters and settings you can’t get on the iPhone without third party software. because of all these functions, the act of shooting pictures on the HTC One S is a lot more fun than on the iPhone 4S.

    However, there’s a noticeable difference in still image quality that favors the iPhone. though both take attractive photos, the iPhone’s pictures are almost always brighter, sharper and more colorful than the One S’s. when you look closely at pictures from the two phones side-by-side, it’s clear that — at least in the automatic and HDR modes we used — the iPhone’s photos feel warmer and have more of a yellow hue while the HTC One S’s shots are colder and have more of dark red or purple bias. in almost all cases, the iPhone photos were sharper and more detailed so when you combine that with warmer colors, you have better looking images.

    If you’re looking for the smartphone with the best software, the HTC One S for T-Mobile is your best choice. If you’re looking for the best Android phone camera experience, the HTC One S is probably your best choice too. however, if still image quality is your top concern, the iPhone 4S is simply the better handset. Given the choice, we’ll always prioritize image quality over camera features so we have to give this face-off to the iPhone 4S.


    Smartphone camera shootout: iPhone 4S vs. HTC One S – Gadgetbox on

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      iPod Review – Portable Cd Mp3 Player For Music Downloads and Easy Listening

      Review for iPod, the most successful Portable cd mp3 player is at hand. for those that want to combine their old favorites with newer technology for easy listening, is the portable CD Mp3 player to assist in listening to everything you enjoy. This device combines the concept of the CD player with the ability to download all your favorite tunes into one easy listening device to take with you on the road. If you are not sure about this device, then looking at the iPod review for the portable CD Mp3 player can help you decide if it is the best option for listening.

      According to those who have this device, the review of iPod is one that is considered one of the best as a digital music player. The main benefit that is causing reviewers to move to four or five star ratings is based on the ability to use the format of a CD or an mp3 player, with the capability of storing a range of songs. with the newer iPod options, are different capacities to hold more music, ranging from the 20 GB review options to the 4 GB review. The difference in this; however, is in the amount of music and is not considered a problem for those who constantly download and interchange music on their mp3 player.

      Another plus that is setting consumers to the top of enjoying the iPod portable cd mp3 player is the battery review available. This particular device has to have two AA batteries to keep playing the tunes. with this, consumers have found that, even though the device combines different ways to play media, the batteries still last for a longer time than other mp3 CD players that are available. for anyone that doesn’t want to lose their music on the go, this becomes one major advantage of the player.

      If you are interested in combining your media options into one, then beginning by looking into the iPod review of the portable CD Mp3 player is one approach to enjoy the best of music. Through these combination players, you can make sure that you are enjoying the most of all your music, whether it is in CD format or comes from your favorite music downloads.

      iPod Review – Portable Cd Mp3 Player For Music Downloads and Easy Listening

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        The Celebrity Apprentice recap: Jingle (And Argue) All The Way

        A lot of incredible things happened during this episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, from the eruption of Mt. Lampanelli, to the rare loss of composure by Clay Aiken (see photo on right), to one of the most bizarre looking mascots I have ever seen in my entire life. But if you ask me, the most incredible thing of all was the fact that it took 12 tasks for Aubrey O’Day to find an excuse to dress up in a sexy cheerleading outfit. in retrospect, it’s amazing the Playboy nudie didn’t find a way to slut it up selling sandwiches all the way back in episode 1. (“Give me an H! Give me an a! Give me an M! What’s that spell? who cares! just look at me while I bounce my boobies up and down! Yay! Go team! Yay!”).  or even last week when pimping for Trump’s cologne. (“Give me an S! Give me a U! Give me a C! Give me another C! Give me an E! Give me an S! Give me another S! What’s the spell? AUBREY! Yay, Aubrey! I’m awesome! Yayyyyy!”)

        I want to be absolutely clear on something right now. I am not complaining about Aubrey wearing a sexy cheerleading outfit that appeared straight out of a Party City Halloween catalog. (Some might say Aubrey already looks a bit like a scary Halloween character, so this was just taking it to the next level.) I just question whether this entire task — which she controlled every aspect of from beginning to end even though Arsenio Hall was the Project Manager — was all about getting her into that outfit. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was. in fact. I don’t even think that’s going on a limb.

        Did you notice who else was pleased as punch to hear about the cheerleading costume? Donald Trump! Did you see the man perk up in the Boardroom the second the words “sexy cheerleading outfit” left Aubrey’s lips! He was like “Now we’re getting somewhere!” Remember, this is the same man who began the episode by telling Aubrey “We think of you as Playboy cover. It’s actually singing, isn’t it?” (Note to self: Google “Aubrey O’Day Playboy cover.”)

        The cheerleading costume was incredibly apt, because no one cheers for Aubrey O’Day like Aubrey O’Day. “I can write something with literally no effort,” she bragged about her songwriting prowess. Later, after Arsenio said how great Teresa was in their opening lost-in-the-woods sketch, Aubrey had a much different take, informing us that “It’s difficult when people aren’t as good at things like this than you are.” so difficult. so, so difficult. I’m sure my recapping skills are nowhere even close to Aubrey’s, but I will dare to do my best anyway to bring you a few other fantastic elements from this past episode. Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me a C! Give me…oh, screw it. Let’s just move on.

        NEXT: Aubrey makes her charity proud

        The Celebrity Apprentice recap: Jingle (And Argue) All The Way

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          Suffolk County to trim 315 jobs to slice expenses

            Eyewitness News

          RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — Lawmakers on eastern Long Island have approved a plan to trim the payroll by 315 jobs by July 1.

          The Suffolk County legislature voted Tuesday on the plan that saves $11.4 million. County officials had considered cutting even more positions. But they found enough money in the budget to save nearly 150 jobs. A proposal last year by the previous county executive had advocated eliminating 464 positions.

          Many of the saved positions are funded by state and federal grants.

          These cuts are part of earlier budget-trimming proposals.

          Officials still have to contend with a budget deficit that could reach $530 million by the end of 2013.

          so far, County Executive Steve Bellone has proposed $160 million in savings initiatives.

          Layoff notices are set to go out next week.

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          long island, suffolk county, budget cuts, long island news

          Suffolk County to trim 315 jobs to slice expenses

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