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Best Gadgets of 2011 – Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs, Portable Media Players and Mobile Gaming Devices : The Ultimate List!

TP Founder Notes # 5 – the Best of the Best2011 had been a big year for smartphones and tablets with a few outstanding devices in other categories.I’ve taken the liberty of creating my list of the best gadgets of 2011 – covering smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and PMPs. Note that all devices mentioned in this post have been featured and/or reviewed by TechPinas.But before that: TP Friends, thank you so much for supporting me and TP for whole of 2011. We’ve already been through a lot together. And I appreciate it. God bless us more this coming year! I’m really looking forward to a bigger and better 2012 with all of you! More TPGBs! More tech stories, news and reviews that make our lives better! Lots of pleasant surprises coming up! Happy New Year, TP Friends!Smartphones1. Samsung Galaxy Note – In my opinion, this is the best smartphone Samsung has released thus far. With a massive HD SuperAMOLED capacitive touchscreen display measuring 5.3 inches across and coming with an S-Pen stylus, SGNote is often described as a true smartphone-tablet hybrid. I often say that Note’s unique and landmark form factor is perfectly complemented by its powerhouse innards. In fact, AnTuTu Benchmarks Test results show that SGNote is currently the best smartphone when it comes to CPU, Memory and 3D Graphics performance. this beast-of-a-handset runs the latest version of Android Gingerbread OS with its dual-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset and 1GB of RAM and sports an 8 MegaPixel autofocus camera with LED flash and a Full HD 1080p video recorder. Truly ahead of its time, Note – I believe – gives us a glimpse into the standard look smartphones will don 2-3 years from now.2. Apple iPhone 4S – Although flaunting a design identical to that of its predecessor from a year back, Apple iPhone 4S nonetheless comes with enhancements a lot of Apple fans will surely crave for. the phone sports an improved camera made by Sony that performs extremely well even in not-so-well-lit settings. Likewise, it comes with a Full HD 1080p video recorder, which is an improvement from the 720p videocam of iPhone4. thanks to its powerful dual core Apple A5 processor, Apple iPhone 4S is able to support and run new applications and softwares by the Cupertino-company, which include the buzz-worthy Siri. Siri is a voice-powered virtual assistant helping 4S users accomplish tasks ranging from making calls to looking for nearby restaurants.3. Nokia N9 – Putting Nokia Lumia 800 in a separate category, Nokia N9 – I would have to say – is the best smartphone Nokia has ever made. Crafted from a polycarbonate uniblock, MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 features a unique curved scratch-resistant screen that makes the display look as if its lifted or floating. serious about social networking, Nokia made Facebook and Twitter applications specifically for Nokia N9. I reviewed this smartphone on TP last November and I remember being thoroughly impressed with how easy it is to navigate MeeGo Harmattan’s user interface.4. Samsung Galaxy S2 – this handset is practically the smaller, full-fledged smartphone version of Samsung Galaxy Note. while it does not flaunt a screen as big as that of a tablet-smartphone hybrid, SGS2 nonetheless comes with almost identical internal specifications, including a dual core processor with slightly lower clockspeed, and top-notch multi-media features like its 8 MegaPixel camera and FullHD video recorder. For those who are concerned about handset design, SGS2 remains to be one of the slimmest smartphones you can get in the market these days.5. LG Optimus 2X – Being the ‘Guinness Book of World Records Certified’ First Dual Core Smartphone on the planet, LG Optimus 2X is truly a landmark gadget. but I think what’s really cool about this phone is that of the three dual core Android smartphones released earlier this year (Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation being the other two), it’s the most affordable.6. BlackBerry Bold 9900 – I remember reviewing this phone on ABS-CBN News Channel‘s Mornings@ANC a few months back and having nothing but good words about it. Featuring top-notch innards wrapped in a gorgeous glass and brushed stainless steel enclosure, BlackBerry Bold 9900 isn’t just the most powerful handset Research in Motion has released yet, it’s also – in my humble opinion – the most handsome.7. Samsung Galaxy Y – Combined advertising campaigns from Samsung and Smart, helped propel both the regular and Netphone version of SGY to best-selling status in the Philippines. according to some concerned Samsung fans, demand for the phone is so high this Yuletide that there are some stores in malls taking advantage of the situation by selling the phone for up to Php 1,500 more expensive than the regular SRP.8. HTC Sensation XE – the extreme version of the already powerful HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XE is the product of the Taiwanese company’s recent major investment into Beats by Dr. Dre. On top of delivering screaming Android performance, HTC Sensation XE also gives users an incredible audio experience that only Beats software and earphones can deliver.9. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc – For me, SE Xperia Arc – with its ultra-thin curved frame – is easily the best designed smartphone of 2011. this handset can sit beside iPhone 4S and BB Bold 9900 – two of the most handsome phones out there – and not feel a bit shy. but Arc is totally not all looks no substance, aside from sporting one of the best cameras on smartphone today, the phone now runs the latest version of Android Gingerbread operating system – thanks to the recent software upgrade released by SE.Tablets1. Apple iPad 2 – Just like in the smartphone and ultra-light notebook category, this year, Apple also led in the tablet department. during the launch of iPad2, Steve Jobs was quoted saying, “While others have been scrambling to copy the first generation iPad, we’re launching iPad 2, which moves the bar far ahead of the competition and will likely cause them to go back to the drawing boards yet again.” In many ways, that’s exactly what happened. Apple iPad 2 went on to become the best-selling tablet of 2011 and practically became a new template for other companies in creating their own slates. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – despite or perhaps largely because of its recent legal battles with Apple over patents, Samsung has managed to come up with pretty strong contenders in this category. I’ve played with Samsung Galaxy Tab in various sizes and I think the 8.9-inch model is the best of them all as it provides the perfect balance of display size and portability.3. BlackBerry PlayBook – Although not quite as terrifying as the iPad or the Galaxy Tab in terms of sales, the BlackBerry PlayBook has its own charms. RIM’s tablet runs the QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS with its dual core processor, supports true multi-tasking and comes replete with a high-resolution 7-inch screen, front and back Full HD 1080p video cameras, 5 MegaPixel camera and a variety of connectivity options. BB users can pair Blackberry smartphone with their BlackBerry PlayBook using BlackBerry Bridge.TVs1. LG LW5700 Cinema 3DTV – I got the chance to experience and review LG’s High-end Cinema 3DTV alongside its 2 main rivals from other companies via GMA News TV‘s Pop Talk a few months back. And I still remember being totally amazed with the cinematic 3D experience that this TV gave me, Issa and Coco; I tell you, LG’s 3DTV technology almost a full generation ahead of the others. no flickering 3D glasses needed, LW5700 gives you that no-fuss no-eye-stress 3D movie experience you get in cinemas.2. Samsung D8000 3D LED TV – In my D8000 review last month, I wrote that “[D8000’s] high-gloss metal frame and stand perfectly compliment the ultra-clear and vibrant display. Likewise, these accents make the TV go well with any modern interior design and decor. […] Samsung LED TV D8000 is a trophy TV; Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s for people who want to exude that aura of always wanting nothing but the best that money can buy and that they can actually afford to get such things… just like that.” to this day, I stand by those words. PMPs and Mobile Gaming Devices1. iPod Touch 2011“iPod Touch is an iPhone without the phone,” said Steve Jobs during the formal announcement of the 4th Generation iPod Touch. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s for users who already have a smartphone and just want to experience iOS and all of the supported applications without having to break the bank for another expensive phone. Although the iPod Touch released this year looks exactly like that from 2010 and even comes with exactly the same specifications, I still think that it’s an amazing device and quite likely the most sulit Apple product you can get these days.2. Nintendo 3DS – 3DS lets gamers enjoy real 3D graphics without the need for those clunky 3D glasses. What’s cool is that the device became available in the Philippines during the latter part of the year with a surprisingly low price tag.3. Sony PlayStation Vita – I feel kinda iffy including PSVita in this list since it’s the only device in this line-up I haven’t seen in the flesh – yet. Nonetheless, based on what I’ve seen in videos, I get this feeling that Vita could end up being one of the best mobile gaming devices ever made and I know that I’ll be doing everyone a big disservice if I won’t mention it here especially since Sony actually announced the device in 2011.Laptops1. MacBook Air 2011 – Apple continues to reign supreme in the thin and light notebook category, setting the standard for how such devices should be done. Running on the latest Intel Core i5 and Core i7 dual core CPUs, both 11-inch and 13-inch models of 2011 MacBook Air is up to twice as fast as the previous generation and has all the power you need for editing photos and videos among other slightly specs-intensive computing tasks. the 11-inch Macbook Air weighs 2.38 pounds and delivers up to 5 hours of uptime, while the 13-inch model weighs 2.96 pounds and has around 7 hours of battery life.2. ThinkPad X220 – Corporate and Business users who are looking for a sturdy and powerful thin and light notebook will surely find ThinkPad X220 an ideal device. Sporting the legendary ThinkPad keyboard, Trackpoint and ThinkVantage security features, X220 smoothly runs Windows 7 with the latest generation Intel Sandy Bridge CPU, making you more productive when working with it.3. Asus Eee PC X101 – With price tag of more or less Php 10,000, Asus Eee PC X101 is perfect for students and entry-level users who are in the market for an affordable netbook that can help them browse the web and work on documents without any hassles. As thin and light as a regular textbook, X101 easily slips into a purse or bag, allowing you to carry it around the campus the whole day without hurting your shoulders.4. Asus Zenbook – a classic example of an UltraBook, Asus Zenbook – which comes in 2 models, UX21 and UX31 – is both slim and full-powered. Quoting Asus, “The Zenbook is a unique combination of artistic craftsmanship and advanced technology.” In many ways, however, I think Zenbook looks like Apple’s Macbook Air — only it runs Windows, which means it supports more softwares and has an interface that’s more familiar to a lot of people. 5. Sony Vaio F – one look at Sony Vaio F and you will get the impression that it’s made for serious computing. this 16.4-inch tank – flaunting a serious black plastic enclosure – comes replete with the latest Core i7 processor, NVIDIA graphics, and a full HD 1080p display, making it one of the laptops to beat in terms of specifications. Quoting Sony, “VAIO F Series delivers a Full HD 3D experience in a notebook PC. Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Discs and 3D photos or convert any HD video from 2D to 3D. the 240 fps high frame rate LCD puts a bright and crisp image on its 16-inch screen.” If you’re willing to spend Php 150,000 on a notebook with the best specs out there, Sony Vaio F is the right one for you.6. Sony Vaio Y – Over the years, Vaio has developed the reputation for being expensive, sometimes even ‘overly expensive’. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. but if anything, Sony Vaio Y appears to break this mold. Priced at only around Php 25,000, the two models under this line will finally let everyone – even entry-level consumers – experience VAIO.7. Acer Aspire S3 – one of my tech predictions for 2012 is that it’s going to be the year of Ultrabooks. but you don’t have to wait until next year to get yourself a thin and light powerhouse notebook. Acer Aspire S3, which sells for Php 45,000 to Php 60,000 depending on specs, is perhaps the most affordable Ultrabook currently. the price is not particularly cheap, but if you’re keen on being one of the first to own an Ultrabook, then why not get one?8. Samsung Series 9 – For me, Samsung Series 9 is the most gorgeous notebook the Korean company has released so far. Wrapped in Duralumin, a metal used in creating aircraft shells, the ultra-sleek Samsung Series 9 is for users who are willing to pay a premium for a notebook that look like it’s made for a supermodel yet has specifications that will make the borderline-powerhouse user smile. There you go, TP Friends! Here’s to even more amazing gadgets in 2012!

Best Gadgets of 2011 – Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs, Portable Media Players and Mobile Gaming Devices : The Ultimate List!

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    Currency Day Trading for Beginners

    It is a fact that the majority of the people who invest in forex fail. There are a lot of advertisements which encourage day trading and often depict people making loads of cash overnight. While there is money to be made, it is important to know there are also risks involved with day trading and to educate oneself on the market and other day trading tips before one embarks upon this exciting venture.

    Day Trading Tips:

    • It is important to know there are a lot of different trading strategies out there. What works for one person may not work well for another person. One needs to find out what strategy and trading tactic works best for them. once you have found a strategy which you feel comfortable with, you need to practice it and stick with it. do not get discouraged if you lose money sometimes, it happens to everyone and there is not a single strategy out there which does not fail sometime.
    • Having a good trading strategy is a small part of what makes a trader successful. Remember, a person can throw a coin in the air and has a 50% chance of calling what side it lands on correctly each time. There is far more to trading than flipping a coin in the wind and hoping you make yourself some money. it is note only important to have a solid trading strategy, but also to analyze your probabilities of making money as well as the current market conditions.
    • You need to remain disciplined. this is the most important part of day trading. You need to make sure to trade smart and stay focused. If the market looks questionable and you are reading weird signals, than do not trade If there are no apparent opportunities for you one day, than hold onto your money that day and do not trade. Trading is not necessary every day, some days are great trading days and other days are days to hold onto your money and see what happens the following day. If you have to go an entire week without a single trade, do not worry, sometimes not losing your money on a bad trade is just a wise as winning big on a trade. do not start the day expecting to make any trades at all, instead, trade when the signals say you should trade.
    • Manage your money, do not let your money manage you. a successful day trader known when to let their profits run as well as when to cut their loses. If you have a stop loss of ten pips and a limit profit of fifty pips, you can still manage to loose four out of five trades and still be a successful trader. (A pip is the smallest possible price change for the market in question), when you consider how to control the money management, you have to think of: how many trades you loose and how many you win as well as the relation between your stop loss and your limit profit. If you keep track of all your wins and losses, you will be far better able to manage your money and spending, and ensure you do not lose all of your money.

    Remember a successful trader does not make millions over night, it is an endurance game. be consistent. You can be a successful day trader if you are wise with your money and do not trade just for the sake of trading. be wise, be determined and be successful

    Currency Day Trading for Beginners

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      City Council Implores Administration to Boost Efforts Against Poverty –

      Manhattan Council members Melissa Mark-Viverito and Ydanis Rodriguez said that poverty has had an especially harsh impact on the neighborhoods they represent. (DNAinfo/Jill Colvin)

      CITY HALL — as the ranks of the city’s poor continue to grow at disturbing rates, local officials are trying to figure out ways to increase assistance to those in need.

      According to the latest census numbers, a whopping one in five New Yorkers — or more than 1.6 million — was living in poverty in 2010, a 1.4 percent jump from 2009. The picture was even bleaker for children, 30 percent of whom were living below the poverty line in 2010, compared to 21.6 percent nation-wide.

      The city’s poverty rate would have soared an additional 2 percent had it not been for the federal stimulus package, top officials testified at a City Council hearing Monday. they also insisted the city has done the best it can given the bleak economic forecast, which has failed to substantially improve.

      “The stimulus package was more successful than people have given it credit for,” said Mark Levitan, director of poverty research at the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity.

      He told Council members that without President Barack Obama’s $780 billion stimulus package — which included expanded unemployment insurance, tax credits and higher food stamp benefits — New York’s poverty rate in the city would have jumped by 3.0 points, to 22.6 percent in 2009, instead of by just 0.3 percent from 19.6 to 19.9 percent, which was a statistically insignificant amount.

      But he admitted things are not “great.”

      “We had a very deep recession followed by a very disappointing recovery,” Levitan said.

      Council members, who called the hearing to examine the increasing number of poor, said they hadn’t realized the impact the assistance had had on poverty rates in the city.

      Levitan’s numbers were based on an unofficial measure of poverty that the city considers more precise because it takes into account things like average apartment rents as well as the amount earned through benefits, like food stamps, which the official U.S. poverty rate does not.

      But Council members said that no matter the calculation, they feared the city hasn’t done enough to try to stem the tide.

      “We can’t come at it with BB guns. We have to come at it as though it is a real war,” said Brooklyn City Councilman Albert Vann, chair of the council’s Committee on Community Development, which co-hosted the hearing.

      “My fear is that we have not measured up… We have not taken this on as a full, primary element of what we’re going to do in New York City,” he said.

      “We have two societies,” said Upper Manhattan City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, noting that in his district as many as 32 percent of people live below the poverty line.

      The Center for Economic Opportunity, whose $28 million budget got a $20 million boost from a new city initiative focused on improving outcomes for young black and Latino men, has mainly focused on skills education and helping people get jobs, executive director Kirstin Morse said.

      But East Harlem City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito said that, while “any effort to address the issue of poverty is obviously a laudable one,” she worried other city policies, like stop-and-frisk, were undermining the city’s efforts by alienating young, minorities from taking advantage of city programs that could help them complete their educations and find good jobs.

      “I’m very concerned, particularly in my community, about policies that make it more difficult to help young people,” she said.

      Joel Berg, executive director of the New York City Coalition against Hunger, also accused the administration of failing to come up with programs that work, while giving federal efforts short shrift. he claimed that federal programs were the only ones that proved to significantly reduce poverty.

      “The mayor gave the impression that this federal stuff never works… they were wrong. Dead wrong,” he said.

      Berg accused the administration of turning its back on the poor.

      “We were winning the war on poverty when we were fighting it. We’ve stopped fighting it,” he said.


      City Council Implores Administration to Boost Efforts Against Poverty –

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        The Free PlayStation Move – Technical Details

        The PlayStation move is, despite only recently being released, is already available for free from many websites and stores either as the bare unit of as a bundle package.

        About the PlayStation Move

        The PlayStation move is a motion-sensing game controller system developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3 games console. Designed to compete with the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox Kinect (formally Project Natal), the PS3 move is a cable free handheld controller using internal motion sensors in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera to track the players position in the room. In addition to the main motion controller, a supplementary navigation controller as well as a charging station is also available.

        Despite being new technology, the move is now available for free either on its own or with console bundle deals.

        PlayStation move Hardware Details

        The move system uses the existing PS3 Bluetooth 2.0 wireless radio communication used by the traditional Sixaxis and DualShock 3 wireless controllers. Both the standard PlayStation move controller as well as the PlayStation move navigation controller use internal lithium-ion batteries that are charged through a USB Mini-B port built into the controller. The PS3 console and software are able to support up to four move controllers at once, with an equal mix of motion and navigation controllers being permissible.

        PlayStation move Motion Controller

        The primary component of PlayStation move, the PlayStation move motion controller is a wand controller which allows the user to interact with the PlayStation 3 through motion and position in front of the PlayStation Eye webcam. The orb or sphere at the head of the controller contains LED’s that allow it to glow in a full range of colors. these colors allow the controller to be seen and tracked by the webcam. The sphere can also be used by the console to determine the distance the controller is from the webcam thus allowing the PS3 to recognise a full range of 3D movements.

        A three-axis linear accelerometer and a three-axis angular rate sensor built into the motion controller allow the system to track rotational movements as well as overall motion. a magnetometer is also built into the device and is used to calibrate the controller’s orientation with the Earth’s magnetic field so as to act as a check against the accuracy of the onboard sensors.

        When the motion controller looses line of sight contact with the webcam (such as when it is blocked by other people in the room), the internal sensors can briefly take over and relay information to the console so the location of the controller can still be determined by the software.

        The physical buttons on the move motion controller consist of a large ovoid primary button,a PS button, the standard PlayStation buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, and Square), a Select and start button (on the left and right hand sides respectively), whilst an analogue trigger is located on the underside of the unit. other features and connectors include the USB port, an extension port and a wrist strap attachment point.

        Feedback provided by the motion controller comes in the form of vibration, similar to that in the standard DualShock controllers, whilst the light sphere can be used for visual feedback wih hthe color changing to suit in game scenarios.

        All processing work for the PlayStation move is performed using the PS3’s existing Cell processor. whilst the activity of dealing with the move software will take up some of the consoles resources, there is still likely to be plenty of capacity left over to run the latest games.

        PlayStation move Navigation Controller

        The navigation controller (originally called the PlayStation move sub-controller) is a one-handed controller designed to be used in conjunction with the motion controller in certain games, in a similar manner to the Wii Nunchuk. Usually for use with games where both hands are required for control, the PS3 navigation control replicates the left side of a standard PlayStation controller and contains a left analog stick (with L3 button), a D-pad, the L1 and L2 triggers, the Cross and Circle buttons, as well as the PS button. In games that require the additional controller, a standard Sixaxis or DualShock 3 can be used instead of the navigation controller, although ease of use may be compromised due to the bulk of the standard unit.

        The Free PlayStation Move – Technical Details

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          New Years Resolutions or Just Another Year of Empty Promises and Unfulfilled Dreams

          Now that the Christmas Holidays are officially behind us, everyone now anxiously awaits what the new year 2012 will hold for each and everyone of us. Probably you too are looking forwards to ringing in the new year with the hope and faith that 2012 will usher in more wealth, health, and general prosperity in general for mankind than 2011 has done.

          About me, I have been helping private industry and individuals for over eleven years now in helping businesses and private individuals achieving their smart goals for personal and professional development.

          And especially as the current year is about to end forever and we await the dawn of a new year, people seem more adamant with more fervor and determination in achieving their new years resolutions and general inspirations in life.

          4 Tips for Fulfilling Your 2012 new Years Resolutions

          Develop The FAITH:

          I believe faith is absolutely the critical piece in determining whether you succeed or end your new Years Resolutions as dismal failures in your new years resolution pursuits. As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I know personally how my faith in God as sustained me through the years in my goal setting pursuits. It is only God that can give you the inner peace self confidence that is required in accomplishing your life goals.

          If you’ve never given God a chance, invite him into your heart now. God knows yours heart ‘s desires. Psalm 17:3; 44:21; 139:1-4 – God tests our hearts, knows our secrets & understands our thoughts It doesn’t matter if you don’t quite know how to meditate and pray to him. God wants nothing more than to enter into a successful relationships with all human beings.

          Develop an Attitude of Gratitude:

          Do you realize that people can judge and make a character determination on your during the first 3-5 minutes when you first meet someone for the first time? what does your attitude or lack thereof say about you as part of your overall character development?

          Events and circumstances in life both good, bad and/or indifferent will come into our lives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These things you cannot control. however you can control how you respond and react to events that impact your personal and professional life. It is widely understood and accepted as fact, that out of 100% of our lives that we experience, 1% of life are the things that happen to us, but.. 99% is how you react and respond to things.Develop a positive attitude and a positive thinking mindset as part of your new year resolutions goals.

          Develop SMART Goals

          You can have the best ideas and inspirations in life, but if you do prioritize your goals into short and long term blocks of time that are (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely), than you are just wasting your time. Write down your goals and prioritize your tasks based upon necessity and relevance.if you don’t write down specific goals that are even measurable than you are wasting your time. be proactive by writing down your goals into specific short and long term categories, and prioritize based upon short and long goals and need/necessity.

          be Accountable:

          In a world that embraces the blame game, which I firmly disagree, at the end of the day, you and you alone are accountable to God, your family, your employer and to yourself. only you and you alone know how you live your day to day affairs and how you conduct yourself accordingly. if you did not get the big job promotion or pay raise as you were expecting as part of your long term career goals or business goals don’t blame your coworker or your boss for being unfair. Maybe you were undeserving for a variety of reasons.

          Self critical analysis in life is a learned skill that many people do not do any longer. be honest with yourself by listing areas in your personal or professional development life that you need to improve upon and then seek out specific ways of making improvements. Remember, the biggest room in the entire world is the room for self improvement, and self improvement is something you, I, nor the rest of the world can ever get enough of in our respective lifetimes.

          Remember: Your Ability is only limited by your inability to take Action.

          New Years Resolutions or Just Another Year of Empty Promises and Unfulfilled Dreams

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