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IL Soybean Assn. Encourages U.S. Aquaculture Industry to Move Forward

Bloomington, IL—Efforts by the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) to generate U.S. aquaculture production in federal waters may have inched closer to reality last week.

the U.S. Department of Commerce and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released national sustainable marine aquaculture policies designed to meet growing seafood demand, create jobs in coastal communities and restore vital ecosystems.

“This is big news for Illinois soybean farmers. we have been participating in the dialogue on these policies since September 2009,” says Doug Winter, soybean farmer from Mill Shoals, Ill., and ISA director.

“ISA has been encouraging NOAA to keep the process moving every step of the way.

“And while we may not agree with everything in the final document, we consider this a milestone as we hopefully move toward full-scale aquaculture in U.S. federal waters.”

ISA sees the key takeaway of the policies the plan to implement the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council plan for Aquaculture, which includes the regulatory infrastructure needed for offshore aquaculture development in the Gulf.

Ocean cage aquaculture technology has been extensively tested and shows promise for raising fish on a concentrated soy protein diet.

“We are optimistic that the science and research policies include alternative protein and lipid source evaluation.

“Soybean meal can be used at 10-35 percent inclusion rates in most marine diets.

“When combined with soy protein concentrate, with a crude protein content on par with fishmeal, soy use could be as high as 50 percent in many fish diets,” says Winter,

“Ocean cage technology allows access to better water quality and reduces competition for production space.”

In addition to offshore aquaculture possibilities, NOAA officials say new policies will:

• ·encourage and foster sustainable aquaculture that increases the value of domestic aquaculture production and creates American business, job and trade opportunities

• allow timely management decisions based on the best scientific information available

• advance sustainable aquaculture science

• ensure decisions protect wild species and healthy coastal and ocean ecosystems

• develop sustainable aquaculture compatible with other uses

• support work with partners domestically and internationally

• promote a level playing field for U.S. aquaculture businesses engaged in international trade, work to remove foreign trade barriers and enforce rights under U.S. trade pacts

“Completion of this policy removes a self-imposed impediment that has blocked advancement of marine aquaculture in the U.S. for the past two years,” Winter reiterates.

“We want to see aquaculture grow and flourish.

“Economic activity within the industry would be the best driver for economic opportunity for soybean farmers, too, and we hope to see that.”

For more information, call 309-808-3610.

IL Soybean Assn. Encourages U.S. Aquaculture Industry to Move Forward

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    How do I prevent weeds from coming up through newly planted grass?

    I have a section in my yard that is entirely weeds. I want to know if I spray weed killer and kill them, then put down top soil, and plant new grass what will stop the weeds from coming up through the grass next year. I have sprayed these weeds in the past and they do tend to grow back the next year.

    It depends on the variety of grass you have around it. For example if you have St. Augustinegrass, then you would steer very clear of 2-4D because it will kill it.

    Your best bet is to take a flat shovel, scrape the weeded area. Then put down some Preen (pre-emergent). Then re-sod.

    Short of that, either Atrazine or 2-4D level 4 (sometimes 2-4D400) and spray the area. Over-seed a week later. BE SURE TO CAREFULLY READ THE USE AND WARNINGS ON ANY CHEMICALS YOU USE.

    All weeds grow back. the key to control is pre-emergent and healthy grass. Pre-emergent doesn't stop existing weeds, but it keeps new weeds from coming back by stopping the germination process in the undeveloped weeds. You'll need to put pre-emergent down before the coming season every season because there are fall / winter weeds and spring / summer weeds.

    Once you have those problematic weeds under control, be sure to thatch the grass (so that the grass becomes more dense and lush, usually done in fall or early spring), fertilize (in the fall use weed and feed, during the growing season use something with higher Nitrogen like 28-0-5), and then make sure you have consistent and conservative watering habits (usually only water in the early am around 4ish) or late evening (around 6-7ish)

    avoid using "killers". apply a weed & seed per package instructions. invest in a trowel & dig the weeds out as soon as you notice them in the future.

    A quality lawn weed and feed will work. it just takes time for the lawn to get established. A healthy growing lawn is in itself a good weed preventer.

    How do I prevent weeds from coming up through newly planted grass?

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      Can Hip-Hop And Pop Culture Exist Without Black Music Executives?

      For years, African-Americans have defined what is cool and trendy in American pop culture.

      But some are now saying that African-Americans are no longer needed as music executives, because of the similarities of Black and white artists these days.

      While former music executives Antonio “L.a.” Reid and Sylvia Rhone have been instrumental in ushering-in a slew of African-American artists into mainstream media, many labels believe that they don’t necessarily need African-American executives to sell hip-hop or pop records.

      “now that Rihanna and Katy Perry are so similar, why do you need a black executive?” said hip-hop pioneer Russel Simmons.

      Some argue that African-Americans still play a crucial role:

      “You still need soul,” says one of the rare black women in mid-management.

      Adds a black lawyer: “As creative people, African-Americans have led the charge in determining what is hot in pop culture. Let’s not forget the big picture. We’ve been the tastemakers on the cutting edge and telling the world what’s hot.”


      Can Hip-Hop And Pop Culture Exist Without Black Music Executives?

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        The console generation gap

        When Nintendo revealed that it is to unveil the Wii’s successor at E3, it was the first indication that the longest ever wait for a new static console in the history of the modern games market is coming to an end.

        Between the introduction of the Sega Mega Drive in 1990 and the launch of the Sony PlayStation 3 in 2007, the UK benefited from the introduction of a new format, on average, every 17 months.

        They were the adrenaline shots that got the heart of the games industry pumping every time it threatened to flatline.

        The longest gap had been between the debut of the original Xbox in March 2002 and the Xbox 360, rushed out in December 2005 – a barren spell of just three and a half years.

        There’s also the question of whether or not a new console from Nintendo will actually represent a new technological high watermark for the market.

        Whatever the firm comes up with may well be revolutionary, it could quite conceivably change the way people play, but it won’t necessarily be a whizzier piece of kit than the 360 or the PS3. Launches are traditionally about leapfrog, but Nintendo always plays its own game.

        MARKET GROWTHThe ever-positive Rod Cousens, CEO of Codemasters, has more historical perspective than most, and doesn’t see the gap between home consoles as a huge problem. “in the period we’re talking about, the overall global market has grown,” he says.

        “There have been some local and regional shifts in the traditional games sector, which has been impacted by a decline in specific hardware formats and a reset after the spike in rhythm action software. But there is noticeable growth on HD consoles as well as opportunities in digital offerings, which are extending franchises on traditional consoles and opening up new segments, emerging regions and high margin business models.”

        At retail, certainly within the traditional retail sector, there aren’t so many positives to fall back on. Digital distribution, social gaming, micro transactions, subscription models – none of these are sops to counter balance the ongoing absence of a new platform.

        Retail has, of course, had other boons to help fill the gap, most recently and notably the motion peripherals launched late 2010, PlayStation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect, plus associated software.

        HMV’s head of games, Tim Ellis, says: “These accessories have been a welcome development, and the market for such products has shown significant growth. But, obviously, they can only go so far in generating the kind of growth levels you’d expect from a full-blown new console launch.”

        Asked to quantify those levels, Ellis replies: “It’s hard to put a precise figure on it, but obviously they can have a hugely galvanising effect – in part, also, because the ensuing media coverage helps to put a massive spotlight on games in general, placing them at the very heart of our popular culture.”

        FRESH PRICE CUTSCapcom Europe COO David Reeves was once, of course, the boss of SCEE, so he has an interesting perspective on the current situation.

        He says that Xbox 360 and PS3 “have one or two price cuts left in them”. he also talks about the increasing importance of firmware upgrades and the distorting effect this has had in the traditional console lifecycle.

        Reeves continues: “It’s true to say that there’s nothing like a hardware launch to invigorate the market for retailers and publishers, but then there’s also nothing like a hardware launch to lose two billion dollars in two years. My guess is that the manufacturers, specifically Sony and Microsoft, want to delay it as long as possible, whereas retailers want to see it as soon as possible. what will actually determine it will be the competition between them all, and anyone else who comes in, Koreans maybe, I don’t know. That’s what will make someone put a stake in the ground and challenge their rivals.”

        Nintendo, of course, has made the first steps towards doing this but, as Reeves implies, that might not be enough to draw Sony or Microsoft’s fire.

        Along with other publisher bosses, Capcom’s Reeves isn’t hanging his business exclusively on the tent-poles provided by regular hardware launches.

        A SHIFTING INDUSTRYThe market has moved on. the five year-plus gap that will separate the launch of the PlayStation 3 and the next Nintendo console isn’t just a scheduling issue. It’s about technology, not timing.

        It’s not a long gap in the traditional hardware cycle, it’s the beginning of the end of the traditional hardware cycle. the idea of two or three manufacturers taking turns to launch new boxes that cost billions to develop, each of them generating their own finite ecosystems will probably seem archaic in 10, 15 or 20 years.

        The industry will not be reliant solely on these costly kick-starts. And, almost paradoxically, it will benefit from more launches, not suffer from less.

        With more companies, different devices and new technologies, these will all add up to a rethink of what a ‘launch’ actually is and what

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          What is the name of the song from Celebrity Rehab season 2 episode 7?

          What is the name of the song they play in Celebrity Rehab season 2 episode 7? It says something like " I dont want to feel this low anymore" or "I feel so low" something like that.

          What is the name of the song from Celebrity Rehab season 2 episode 7?

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