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Latest “foreclosure” News « Breaking News Report

Unlisted ’shadow’ supply of 1.8 million homes looms over housing marketA supply of 1.8 million homes either owned by banks or poised for foreclosure potentially hangs over the nation’s real estate market, according to data released Wednesday. this “shadow inventory” of residential real estate — property that is in foreclosure,…Read more on Los Angeles Times

House votes to kill foreclosure aid programHouse Republicans pushed through legislation Tuesday to terminate an underachieving Obama administration program designed to reduce mortgage payments for homeowners.Read more on MSNBC

Chase demands Ben-Ezra & Katz turn over foreclosure filesChase demands Ben-Ezra & Katz turn over foreclosure filesRead more on The Palm Beach Post

Latest “foreclosure” News « Breaking News Report

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    SF Giants fans pumping money into Old Town Scottsdale

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – the San Francisco Giants won last years World Series and for old Town Scottsdale, it’s great to have a winner in town.

    Inside of Scottsdale Stadium, the smell of peanuts, crackerjacks, hot dogs. Just blocks away it’s the smell of money in old town.

    Sean Besenfelder is the manager of the Daily Dose old Town Bar and Grill near Indian School and Scottsdale Road says this time of year his clientele is a “majority of Giants fans.”

    And his business has been great this year because fans are flocking to Scottsdale to see the world champion Giants. “It’s increased it 20 percent probably, at least, depending on the day. It’s more lunches than anything. People come in before the game.”

    In old Town Scottsdale, you walk along wooden planks just like in the old West, a decidely cowboy feel.

    Shops have everything from jewelry to hats and boots.

    Carolyn Purdy from Sunnyvale, California was out for a morning walk, a few hours before the first pitch. It costs us $2,000 every time we come. so the hotel, that’ll be around $600 and another few hundred in restaurants. and then baseball – the games.”

    Hong Bischoff runs Shades of the West and says Giants fans are in and out of the store constantly, but are they big spenders? “I don’t call them big spenders, just losts of people. Compared to last year, I think it’s really much better . . . This year more fans”

    Rich Henry is from Marin County in the Bay Area. He’s been coming down to Scottsdale for 30 years. “We stay the week. We probably spend, I’d say, $1,200 to $2,000.”

    <a href=",2005:cluster=, 10 Mar 2011 20:16:21 GMT 00:00″>SF Giants fans pumping money into Old Town Scottsdale

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      All Current News: Paul Allen Autobiography

      Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder Gates blasts in autobiography

      The Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, Bill Gates lashed out in his autobiography that his partner accused him less and devise a plan to take away influence in the company, according to an analysis of the work published today by the Wall Street Journal .

      The content and tone of the book titled “Idea Man: a Memoir by the Co-founder of Microsoft,” has caused some surprise in the business environment where it was believed that Allen and Gates remained a friendship that began when they were children.

      In its pages, Allen claimed for himself the more public recognition for his work at Microsoft and said it was him and not Gates, who is credited with many of the major projects the company that made the software giant it is today.

      Some claims were disputed by some people who lived through the beginning of Microsoft, and Carl Stork, Assistant Coach Bill Gates over the last two decades of last century.

      “While we all consider Paul a friend and we value their contribution, there is no doubt that Bill had a greater impact on the growth and success of Microsoft than what Paul did,” said Stork.

      Other witnesses said that Allen was attributed in the book key roles in meetings that apparently would not come, but did play a key role in building Microsoft.

      “I’m not sure that Bill had left Harvard if it were not for Paul,” said David Yoffie, a professor at Harvard Business School, a decision that is at the origin of the company.

      Allen has ceased to occupy executive positions at Microsoft in 1983 become one of the richest people in the world and months after a cancer is detected while said his departure was motivated by his disillusionment with the behavior of Gates, who portrayed as authoritarian.

      According to Allen’s account in 1982 caught red-handed Gates and Steve Ballmer, who now holds the post of chief executive of Microsoft, when they held a meeting complaining about the low productivity of Allen and plotting how to reduce their power in the company .

      Microsoft co-founder heard them raise an increased number of shares of the acquiring company to themselves and to reduce the percentage of Allen titles on the total, when it burst into the room and met with Gates and Ballmer, who ended up apologizing and rejecting the plan.

      “He had helped start the company and was still a member of management, but limited by my disease, and now my partner and my colleague were plotting cheat me. It was a mercenary opportunism, plain and simple,” wrote Allen.

      Although Allen and Gates co-founded Microsoft, the first agreed to grant the second most revenue for the task, thus the shares initially divided by 60 percent and 40 Gates to Allen, who later settled for a 36 percent titles, while Gates remained at 64 percent.

      Allen accepted the changes but when asked Gates to give him more action to create a successful product in the 80’s called SoftCard, Gates refused.

      “At that moment, something died for me. I thought that our partnership is based on justice, but then I saw Bill overrode the interests of all my considerations. My partner is willing to get the biggest slice of the pie as possible and not come off and that was something I could not accept, “said Allen.

      It is envisaged that Paul Allen’s autobiography goes on sale April 17 in the U.S.

      All Current News: Paul Allen Autobiography

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        Letter: Sunday’s newspaper format works

        March 31, 2011 12:00 AM

        Sunday’s newspaper format works

        Congratulations on the new format of your Sunday a Section. for a moment, I thought someone left me a copy of the Boston Herald, but after reading it, I like what you’ve done.

        Headlines, pictures, an internal contest announcement, weather and index, and sadly, a paid advertisement appear on the front page.

        What’s best of all is that there are no jump pages in the front section. the reader is directed to each article from the headlines. Every article stays on its own page, no jumping around in the middle of each story.

        With the exception of the small bank ad on the lower right corner on the front page, there were no paid advertisements all the way until page A7, the middle of the section. I hope this keeps your advertisers happy. these changes make the paper easier and more enjoyable to read.

        I see the daily Boston Globe three or four times a week. Like most newspapers today, it has shrunk. I usually read it while eating lunch at work.

        It seems that they can’t lay out a page without jumping an article after only a couple of paragraphs. the last thing I want to do is flip around a newspaper any more than necessary while I’m trying to eat.

        I completed your survey last week regarding the Sunday paper, so perhaps I’ve been a bit more observant and critical lately.

        Speaking of criticism, one sheet (four pages) of Sunday comics is lame. good luck with your updates. good job so far.

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        <a href=",2005:cluster=, 31 Mar 2011 04:25:59 GMT 00:00″>Letter: Sunday’s newspaper format works

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          Anybody wants to know about Google doodle February 8, 2011?

          Google has once again released its interactive doodle on its search engine which marks the birthdate of Jules Verne, a French author referred as "the Father of Sci-Fi". I read the article here:

          Whoever here has read some of Jules Verne's work?

          Anybody wants to know about Google doodle February 8, 2011?

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