2011: The Battle Of The Smartphone Operating Systems

The most recent reports regarding market share of current smartphone operating systems (OS) in the UK show that there is three clear companies leading the way. As of Q3 in 2011 for the UK, Nielsen discovered that Android sits on top with a huge 44% of the ‘Smartphone Operating system Market Share in Q2 2011’. Followed by the Blackberry OS developed by Research in Motion (RIM)with 25%. in third place is iPhone OS with 28% of market share. Windows Mobile although making many new innovations and announcements with the most recent update called ‘Mango’ will no doubt cause for extra competition for the final quarter of 2011.

The iPod was released in 2007 and ever since it has lead the way in terms of usability and has set the path for future standards of not only design but features. the latest OS the OS 5, has recently been released to the public with mass appeal and improvements over the previous versions. But according to the latest studies Google’s Android OS is running on more phones than Apples OS. With Android adopting the ‘open source’ mantra allows for many companies to adopt the ever advancing and improving OS to use for with their own devices, which target many different kinds of demographics. Whereas the iPhone and all of Apple’s products are particularly purchased by early adopters and those with spare income.

The Blackbery OS must not be forgotten and has gained 2.1% market share since the previous quarter. With current mass appeal with the younger generations it proves top be successful with the current Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service, although since the recent launch of Apple’s OS 5, they have included a similar service that may draw potential customers from Blackbery.

The battle will no doubt be decided after more data has been gathered since the launch of the new Apple iPhone 4S and with the Google Nexus around the corner with the latest release of the Android software called Ice-Cream sandwich. there is much to discover if the rest of the population who currently have yet to switch over to owning a smartphone can be temped to adopt to the new era of smartphones. the final quarter of 2011 will tell all who the winners and losers of 2011 have been. My money is on Android winning and Blackberry losing due to Apple’s ability to become a huge powerhouse within the smartphone market in the UK and around the world.

For consumers being able to own the latest handsets and OS’s is a recurring theme across the country and as such demands large monthly contract bills that have a 24 month contract as minimum. Only several years ago there was only the option of 12 and 18 month contracts. But with rising monthly bills and handset costs many consumers are having to find other ways to help reduce their outgoings. As such the handset itself can help the user save money either it be through many free apps that can help with monthly budgeting or with the sudden rise of cheap international call providers that can help mobile users carry out cheap calls to Australia, Pakistan and even the USA.

2011: The Battle Of The Smartphone Operating Systems

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