2011 Smartphone Comparison Chart

CPT 2011 has more new cardiology codes than you can imagine. Whether it’s revascularization, heart catheterization, observation services, and more, all have new looks for the coming year. Read on and get an overview of what you can expect in the next round of CPT codes.

37220-37235: Endovascular revascularization, open or percutaneous

The CPT codes in this category are distinguished by the vessels involved: iliac, femoral/popliteal, and tibial/peroneal. Other distinguishing features include whether the physician carries out angioplasty, stent placement, and/or atherectomy. for instance, the definition of 37231 will be “Revascularization, endovascular, open or percutaneous, tibial, peroneal artery, unilateral, initial vessel; with transluminal stent placement(s) and atherectomy, includes angioplasty within the same vessel, when carried out.”93451-93464, 93563-93568: Cardiac catheterization & coronary angiography if you like code range shake ups, you will like this. These 20 just-in codes cover options for reporting combinations of services, covering right and left heart caths, cath placement for coronary angiography, and injection procedures. As a consequence of these additions, you will have to say good bye to some of your old favorites. The deleted codes are inclusive of 93501, 93508-93529, and 93539-93556. 99224-99226: New codes for subsequent observation care Subsequent day observation care will also get new codes, which are reportable each day. You will need to give more attention to these just-in codes as they’ll change the way you code an observation stay longer than 48 hours. Stay tuned: These new CPT codes are just the beginning. there will also be new Category III atherectomy and iliac repair codes with effect from January 1. Many existing codes will see revisions, including iliac repair, angioplasty, non-coronary stent placement, wearable ECG recording, and non-invasive physiologic studies.

2011 Smartphone Comparison Chart

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