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Montauk Monster Sighted Again – Southold Long Island

So we’ve all heard the latest about the Montauk Monster right? Well not exactly, the latest release shows live video footage of the beast actually being taken from its most recent sighting place in Southold Long Island. The mystery continues as perplexed onlookers take to the web in an outcry for the beast. Interested viewers have been flooding the Montauk Monster Website with comments and emails as more revealing material is released regarding the beast’s carcass removal from its temporary resting place.


The media has responded recently with coverage from many of the major news sites and local tv stations. Yahoo, Google, and MSN have all reported on the Montauk Monster’s second appearance on a local beach. Experts are skeptical to say what exactly the monster is at this time. The writers of Montauk Monster are open to hearing testimony as to what or where this creature came from. Rightfully so, I too would like to know if the remains are the result of animal laboratory testing or a new undiscovered breed of 4-legged mammal. Only time will tell as late night beach goers keep a keen eye for the next sighting.

Montauk Monster Website


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