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Opening the iPod Classic – iPod Repair Guys –

Hello, recently we had a chance to look at the insides of the Apple iPod Classic. Apparently it is one of the most difficult iPods to open. The iPod repair guys at Repair Sharks were kind enough to share and exclusive video on how to open the iPod Classic case.

Please do not try this at home unless you are experienced working with small devices, the electronics in the iPod are very delicate and can be damaged easily. In the case of the Classic it is extremely easy to damage the outer shell and back panel while trying to open the case.

The video is provided for information purposes only and Repair Sharks recommends letting a professional make any necessary repairs to your iPod.

For more information on iPod repair services including:

• Battery Replacement
• LCD Replacement
• Mainboard Replacement
• Headphone Jack Replacement
• Error Icons

Please visit the iPod Repair Guys website at: They offer free diagnostic services on many iPod versions.

Save money and time, let the iPod repair experts at Repair Sharks fix it. They offer high quality replacement parts and services at a fraction of the cost of Apple.

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Some More Fun with Foil!

We are always looking to bring you exciting content here at Take a look at this great video of more painful activities with foil. Don’t try this at home apparently it can make you yell loudly at the guy who hits you with it. If you really wish to try it at home at least send me a video of it.

Share foil follies with your friends and submit videos to us. Please exercise caution when working with foil it can hurt.

Jedd foilball slingshot – Watch more Free Videos

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