10 Most Exciting Players in Phoenix Suns Franchise History

Yes, of course he’s No. 1. What’d you expect? I’m half-Canadian after all.

Steve Nash might not be able to throw down thunderous dunks, he might not play the best defense in the world (I still say he’s underrated, but that’s just me). He might not be the most exciting personality, but even so, he is the most exciting player in Suns history.

The most creative passer since Magic Johnson, and the best all-around shooter since Larry Bird, perhaps even in history, Nash has been in the Suns for a few seasons early on in his career, unfortunately forced to play behind Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd. his career jump-started after teaming up with Dirk Nowitzki in the Dallas Mavericks, and later, kicked into full gear, when he joined Phoenix in 2004.

To sum this up quickly for you: This guy has perhaps the best ball handling in the league, as he rarely picks up his dribble, and if he does so, he usually shoots a transition three. This guys still leads the league in assists at age 37, playing in a system where he has to run all the time. the 50-40-90 club should be renamed to the “Steve Nash Club” as he is a record four-time member with one season where he missed it by .001 percent on his free throw shooting. And finally, this guy is a chessmaster. I mean, he sees a play develop before anyone else, and then makes the most insane pass possible to finish the play off.

Finally, the accolades help him as well. Nash is a two-time MVP (don’t even argue whether he deserved it. If he got the votes, he deserved it.). Add to that the five times he lead the league in assists while in Phoenix, and the 2005-2006 season, when he averaged 18 points to go with his 10 assists.

10 Most Exciting Players in Phoenix Suns Franchise History

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