Cluso Investigation Launches iPhone “Mobile Interrogator”, an Interviewer’s Video Solution Designed by Licensed Private Investigators.

Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

Cluso Investigation’s “Mobile Interrogator” is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (with iOS 7.0 or greater). The download is available on iTunes for free.

Designed by expert licensed investigators, the app provides an easy way to build a script of questions and capture audio/video responses. The app is Intended for the person conducting the interview but simple enough to help everyone learn to ask more questions and execute better interviews. Asking questions is a typical job responsibility for an investigator. Also important is listening carefully to responses; individuals may provide inconsistent information or provide minor, inaccurate details. By building a script of questions and capturing video, the user can focus and listen to responses knowing the script keeps the interview on track.    

Several online data aggregators provide instant, yet inaccurate background check results. In contrast, Cluso Investigation provides a highly reliable, audit ready report by adding the extra effort required for accuracy. “We designed our app to be a proactive detective’s notebook for the 21st century because everyone can benefit by improving their interview skills”, states Sharon Sutila, CEO and Founder of Cluso Investigation.

While most Interview apps provide sample questions for job interview practice, this app provides a tool specifically for the Interviewer. Questions are the building blocks for interviewing. If a user has trouble thinking of questions to ask, he or she can simply choose a category and pick from hundreds of readily available options.

Designed as a versatile interviewing tool, a user can:

1.    Plan lists of questions for different types of interviews

2.    Find questions or ice-breakers to keep in mind for a networking event

3.    Practice interviewing others to improve confidence

4.    Practice being interviewed by someone else and record your answers.

5.    Interview multiple people with one question and compare all

        the different points of view for a research project

6.    Compare answers over time to mark improvement answering

        a specific set of questions

7.    Prepare a delivery for anticipated interview questions

8.    “Cluso Selfie-Interview”: Reverse the camera and provide video question responses as an interviewee

9.    Conduct investigative reporting interviews, journalism, or other types

        of business-related interviews. Note: It is the responsibility of the user

        to ensure all federal, state and local laws are strictly followed in the use

        of the “Mobile Interrogator” app.

“The best way to protect yourself against fraud or deception is to ask more questions. Then your intuition combined with a little research may be all you need to avoid a headache later”, says Sutila. Recording is optional because even if audio/video is not used, it is the script itself which is an invaluable tool for staying focused while listening to answers.

The features are the following:

1.    Choose from 1200+ stored suggestion questions or create customized questions.

2.    Build scripted lists of questions. A drag and drop feature makes it easy to change the order of the questions listed.

3.    Identify and build target profiles using the phone’s camera to attach a picture

4.    Choose a “Target”, a “List”, and Start an Interview [optional audit/video recording]

        Rerecording answers is an option.

5.    Compare all answers by interviewees on a key question.

The “Mobile Interrogator” was developed by Asponte Technology, Inc. on behalf of Cluso Investigation, owner of the application. It’s one of the first publicly available mobile applications developed with IBM® MobileFirst. Additionally the app is part of an IBM Digital Experience solution using Web Portal Server for content updating without releasing new versions via the iTunes Store. Built for iPhone5 it is compatible with iOS 7.0 or greater. The Android® version is now available on Google® Play. Sharon Sutila, Cluso Investigation CEO, is the Concept Creator. Philip Cheshire, Asponte Software Engineer, is the Lead Developer and Nick Ciafardoni, Asponte Software Engineer, is an Apple iOS expert.

Please note: Cluso Investigation is not a law firm and is not providing legal advice. Recording is an option and isn’t necessary to use the application for interviewing. Each user is reminded in the application’s instructions to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws.

Cluso Investigation ( is a Texas Licensed Investigation firm (A16821) providing Investigative Research services revealing the truth about Job Candidates, Vendor/Suppliers, and Business People. Independently delivering Audit-Ready and/or internally compliant background check reports. Clients are typically required to adhere to complex contractual background check and drug testing requirements and/or audit enforcement oversight. “Revealing Who You Can Trust” Cluso Introduction Video. For additional information contact Sharon Sutila, CEO, Cluso Investigation at: ssutila(at)cluso(dot)com or (817) 945-2289.

Asponte Technology ( is an IBM Premier Partner providing Consulting, Support, Portal and WCM Services. Specific IT Consulting areas of expertise are WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Management, IBM Cognos, IBM Connections and Mobile solutions. Asponte Technology provides IBM Digital Experience solutions. Clients include several Fortune 100 companies. For additional information contact Stephen Thorne at: stephen.thorne(at)asponte(dot)com or (603) 396-9449.

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    New Book from American University Expert Sends a Message to the Class of 2015: Run for Office!

    Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

    Graduation season has arrived for high school and college students and if American University professor of government Jennifer Lawless and her co-author, professor of political science at Loyola Marymount University Richard Fox, were giving commencement speeches to the Class of 2015, they might go something like this:

    “We have good news and we have bad news. After conducting a national survey of more than 4,000 high school and college students, plus more than 100 in-depth interviews with these young people, the good news is that you are civic-minded and want to improve your communities. The bad news is that, according to our survey, eighty-nine percent of you have already dismissed the idea of ever running for political office.”

    Lawless and Fox, the authors of the new book Running from Office: Why Young Americans Are Turned Off to Politics(Oxford University Press, May 2015), might also say:

    “But it’s not your fault. Politicians and the dysfunctional political system have contributed to your lack of political ambition. Teachers, coaches, and the media have reinforced the most negative aspects of the political arena. Government shutdowns, hyper-partisanship, political scandals, and gridlock have turned you off to thinking politics is way to solve problems. In fact, these kinds of things have soured your parents and other mentors from encouraging you to consider a future in elective office. But consider the consequences…”

    500,000 Elected Offices in Search of the Best and Brightest

    There are more than 500,000 elective offices in the United States, many of which serve as stepping stones to higher office. “Elected officials craft, shape, and implement the laws that affect citizens now and for generations to come,” explain Lawless and Fox. But only a fraction of the best and brightest young people – a mere 11 percent of people in their survey – are willing to seek elected office.

    In fact,they would rather do almost anything else. In one set of questions, Lawless and Fox presented students with four career options – business owner, teacher, mayor of a city or town, and salesperson – and asked them which they would most like to be, assuming that each paid the same amount of money. Nine out of ten respondents chose a career other than mayor as their first choice. Nearly 40 percent reported that it would be their least desired job.

    They also asked them which of the following four higher echelon jobs they found most appealing: business executive, lawyer, school principal, or member of Congress. Serving as a member of Congress came in dead last (just 13 percent of young people chose it). However, it placed first on the “least desirable list.”

    “Young people are interested in saving the world and care about making their communities a better place. But they don’t consider electoral politics a way to achieve those goals,” says Lawless.

    Political Dysfunction Turning Young People Off

    Who can blame young people for ranking a political career so low on their list of life goals? This generation has witnessed hyper-partisan vitriol coming not only from the mouths of politicians, but also from the profusion of pundits and media outlets catering to the extremes on the political spectrum. The increased bandwidth of the Internet – from blogs to cable news to social media – spew partisan brinkmanship 24 hours a day that has stripped away any goodwill elected officials might ever have generated. Eighty-five percent of the survey respondents did not think that elected officials want to help people; 79 percent did not consider politicians smart or hardworking; nearly 60 percent believed that politicians are dishonest; and fewer than 30 percent thought that candidates and elected leaders stand up for their convictions.

    Can the Appeal of Elected Office be Resurrected?

    Lawless and Fox provide practical and innovative suggestions for how new technologies, national service programs, and well-strategized public service campaigns could generate political ambition in young people. “If young people saw politics as a vibrant, effective way to engage with and improve their communities and society,” say Lawless and Fox, “then more of them would not be turned off by the thought of entering the fray.”

    Five suggestions are provided in Running from Office that could change young people’s attitudes. But it will take money and motivation, combined with politicians serving as better role models, supporting innovative programs, and partnering with entrepreneurs, activists, journalists and teachers to combat the political ambition deficit.

    Here’s how Lawless and Fox suggest to shift current attitudes:

    YouLead Initiative is a national service program with the message that young people are needed to foster new leadership. It would seek to change their impressions of politicians and encourage potential political leadership by identifying high school and college students who have already exhibited leadership success.

    Playstation for Politics is a way to engage young people on a platform where they already spend a lot of time: video games. Building video games around becoming a candidate and engaging in campaigns and elections (including financing a campaign, weathering a scandal, and developing a platform to win both a primary and a general election, with all the pitfalls along the way) could be an educational thrill.

    Political Ambition – Put That in Your Bong and Smoke It proposes making political engagement a fundamental part of the college application experience. Lawless and Fox adhere to the belief that civic interest should be added to the factors colleges consider in the admissions process. They make clear that college applicants should be aware of major political issues and that college admissions officers should incentivize the importance of following current events and policy debates.

    Girls Uninterrupted—Increase College Women’s Political Ambition solves two problems. First, it’s a program that mentors, equips, and encourages young women to consider running for elected office, which could help close the gender gap in political ambition among adults. College men in the survey indicated they are twice as likely as college women to express interest in running for elected office later in life. Second, by increasing the percentage of women interested in running for office, the program would increase the talent pool of potential candidates more broadly.

    The Go Run App would identify all elected offices throughout the country. Users would enter their zip code and learn what elected positions are available in that community, the responsibilities associated with each, and the nuts and bolts involved in running for them. As basic as this information might sound, no central clearinghouse currently exists to provide this fundamental information.

    Ultimately, Lawless and Fox paint a political profile of the next generation that serves as a vital wake-up call – one that sounds an alarm about the long-term, deeply embedded damage contemporary politics has wrought on U.S. democracy and its youngest citizens. But the suggestions they provide propose clear ways that we can right the course.


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      Application Acceleration Startup Bitfusion Named Disrupt 2015 Battlefield Finalist Closes $1.45M in Seed Funding

      Austin, Texas (PRWEB) May 06, 2015

      Bitfusion, a new company delivering powerful hardware acceleration technologies to boost application performance, today announced that it has been selected as a finalist in TechCrunch Disrupt 2015’s prestigious Startup Battlefield, and has closed its seed round of financing worth $ 1.45 million. The company received praise for its innovative technology, which automatically utilizes the underlying hardware infrastructure—any mix of CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs—to boost application software performance by up to 100X without any code re-write or specialized skills. The solution offers data-intensive organizations supercomputing-class capabilities with a platform layer that features custom software, performance-portable libraries and hardware appliances to provide unprecedented levels of acceleration.

      “Many enterprises miss the potential in their infrastructure: There’s always a high level of underused capacity, and our solution is designed specifically to identify existing hardware capabilities, implement optimized software packages for active applications, and achieve greatly enhanced performance,” said Subbu Rama, CEO of Bitfusion. “Expensive horizontal scaling doesn’t have to be the default choice. By accelerating the existing hardware and significantly boosting software performance, businesses can fundamentally revise their essential operating practices, cut costs and pursue new market opportunities. That’s why we’re excited to bring this solution to market.”

      The Bitfusion solution is custom-built for a business environment in which the sheer volume of incoming data—with multiple formats, hardware form factors, applications and social media channels—puts an unprecedented strain on the infrastructure. Most organizations see aggressive horizontal scaling as the only option, but adding server nodes typically drives up operating costs, inefficiencies and technical complications. By contrast, powering the hardware with options such as FPGA and GPU hardware accelerators enables high-performance computing to be conducted more easily, inexpensively, and quickly via the Bitfusion platform.

      Bitfusion also enables increased performance on commodity cloud environments and simple application deployment to more exotic hardware configurations. Users are able to leverage the unique strengths of CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs in highly integrated and optimized systems to accelerate performance by several orders of magnitude.

      Financial Backing

      Bitfusion just closed a round of seed financing worth $ 1.45M from a group of highly respected venture firms. These include Data Collective VC, which invests in entrepreneurs building Big Data companies; Resonant VC, which invests in cloud infrastructure companies; and the Geekdom Fund, which invests in early-stage IT startups. Bitfusion also recently graduated from Techstars Cloud, part of the Techstars global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to build their business.

      “We’ve found that many of our portfolio companies—particularly those applying algorithms to transform diverse industries that range from security and healthcare to agriculture and drug discovery—have an almost unlimited appetite for supercomputing capabilities,” said Matt Ocko, co-founder and co-Managing Partner of Data Collective Venture Capital. “We invested in Bitfusion because this technology dramatically improves the price/performance equation for these companies and their Fortune 500 partners, even making supercomputing cost-effective in branch offices in the Third World. We’re excited to see Bitfusion unlock the kind of innovation that’s currently confined to elite research labs by making these capabilities economically viable on a global basis.”


      Bitfusion implements unique software technologies to expose the benefits of hardware accelerators such as FPGAs to boost application performance by up to 100x—transparently, automatically, and without application rewrite. Bitfusion can even accelerate applications on existing infrastructures (using standard CPUs) by leveraging underutilized hardware capabilities. By offering high levels of performance with zero-friction migration to more advanced hardware technologies, Bitfusion brings supercomputing-class performance to a wide audience.

      The Bitfusion product line includes:

      Bitfusion Boost: Speed up existing clouds and data centers using Bitfusion software acceleration to automatically take advantage of all available resources.

      Bitfusion Appliance: Accelerate applications up to 100x in existing data centers using Bitfusion appliances consisting of hardware accelerators with software libraries.

      Bitfusion Supercloud: On-demand access to hardware accelerators such as FPGAs in the cloud, along with a large set of libraries for rapid application acceleration.

      Management Team

      Subbu Rama, Chief Executive Officer: Subbu has held leadership roles in hardware and software divisions at global conglomerates, building CPUs, micro-servers, SoCs and cloud configurations. He was most recently a founding member of Dell’s first Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace business and helped build the product and engineering team.

      Maciej Bajkowski, Chief Operating Officer: Maciej is an engineering veteran who has worked at Intel, Samsung, Freescale and Dell, among other companies, and his work has focused on the hardware design of high-speed components, memory systems and storage solutions. He holds several patents in this field.

      Mazhar Memon, Chief Technology Officer: Over the course of a long career, Mazhar has built extensive experience in networking architectures, software performance optimization and large-scale high-performance computing (HPC) systems. The bulk of his work has been at Intel, where he served in multiple technical leadership and architecture roles.

      Bitfusion is now available publicly. Sign up for early access at

      About Bitfusion

      Bitfusion uses hardware acceleration to boost application performance by up to 100x—without having to write any code. Bitfusion offer supercomputing-class performance with a platform layer that features custom software, performance-portable libraries and hardware appliances to provide unprecedented acceleration in the existing infrastructure without user code rewrite or specialized skills. For more information visit:

      Media Contact:

      Eric Goldman



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        Cellairis On-Site Mobile Device Repair Services Open Inside Orlando Walmart

        Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

        Cellairis is recognized as a leading, worldwide mobile device and computer repair franchise, with a reputation for providing a fast turnaround and competitive prices on repairs for iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy devices. Their certified technicians are trained and equipped to handle cracked screen repair, battery replacement and water damage. Cellairis uses premium, quality-tested parts and they include a strong warranty on all repair services and parts.

        There is a notable and evolving trend for device repair in our technology driven society. Ty Shay, CMO at SquareTrade, commented on this growing need for iPhone repair, “When we see bigger screens combined with features like mobile payments with ApplePay, we see the potential for even more accidents.”

        Cellairis understands that the cost of replacing your entire device after a cracked screen or other damage is unrealistic for most people. Therefore, Cellairis highlights their device repair services with their ability to provide the most affordable and hassle-free services on top quality repairs. The latest launch of Cellairis inside the local Walmart of west Orlando facilitates their mission to meet this consumer need.

        “We are thrilled to give the residents and countless vacationers in Orlando the advantage of getting their smartphone or tablet fixed conveniently and professionally so they can get back to enjoying their day,” says Taki Skouras, the co-founder and CEO of Cellairis.

        Cellairis offers more than cell phone and computer repairs. They can buy back your used devices for cash and they also offer a Triple Protection Plan that gives customers unlimited glass replacement for a lifetime. In addition, customers can select from a full inventory of fashionable cases and innovative cellular accessories.

        If you would like to get more information about Cellairis and the device repair franchise or to find out if a Cellairis repair center is coming to your nearest Walmart store, please email

        About Cellairis: Cellairis has franchises throughout the United States including multiple franchises in the greater Orlando area. Their device repair centers are committed to providing fast turnaround times and guaranteed repairs on iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other electronic devices. In most instances, mobile devices are repaired the same day, while you wait. From premium fashionable cases and accessories to expert device repair services, Cellairis holds a reputation for exceptional customer service and top quality workmanship. Cellairis also buys and sells used iPhones and iPads for cash.

        More Samsung Press Releases

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          Candy Factory Films Presents “Wrestling With Life” Now Available on iTunes and Everywhere.

          New York, NY (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

          “Wrestling With Life” debuted April 21st on iTunes and will launch everywhere on demand this week including: Vimeo On Demand, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Video, and Sony Playstation.

          After losing his twin brother to cancer, David Nowick struggled to understand his brother’s dying legacy. David was forced with the challenge to run his brother’s wrestling school, the Mile High Wrestling Club. While walking the fine line between winning and personal growth, along the way, David discovered the unique life path that wrestlers all around the world followed – to develop not only physical and mental toughness, but also a previously undefined “spiritual toughness.”

          “Having wrestled growing up, Christopher’s gripping depiction of one of the world’s most elite sports immediately resonated with me,” said Candy Factory Films’ Head of Content Michael Ben Lawson. “We’re looking forward to sharing this inspirational documentary with digital audiences everywhere this Spring.”


          Release Date: Tuesday, April 21

          VOD Platforms: iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Sony Playstation, and Vudu.

          Click Here to View the Trailer

          Directed by: Chris Bohlender

          Written & Produced by: David Nowick

          Running Time: 80 Minutes

          Rating: Not Rated

          WRESTLING WITH LIFE on Facebook

          WRESTLING WITH LIFE Website

          Please Note: Filmmakers David Nowick and Christopher Bohlender are available for interviews and screeners are available for review.

          To request a screener or to schedule an interview, please contact:

          Michael Ben Lawson || Candy Factory Films



          About Candy Factory Films

          Candy Factory Films is dedicated to producing and distributing high impact films and fostering communities around independent cinema. Candy Factory Films is a filmmaker-friendly multimedia distribution and production company committed to keeping with the best interests of our clients. We embrace emerging distribution and social media trends to successfully promote films and incentivize project-specific audiences. We promise individualized services and customized experiences to increase overall exposure. We pride ourselves on our inventive methods for filmmaking success. Connect with Candy Factory Films at and @CandyFactory411.

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